Yang Geum-deok, who met Lee Jae-myeong, “It hurts my heart because I can’t do it my way”

On the 18th, Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung visited Yang Geum-deok (95), a victim of forced labor during the Japanese colonial rule, at a hospital in Gwangju토토사이트.

On the afternoon of the same day, CEO Lee visited a grandmother who was hospitalized and treated at a hospital in Dong-gu, Gwangju City, and prayed for a speedy recovery, saying, “You have to live a long time to see the issues of conscription and forced labor resolved.”

In response, her adoptive grandmother welcomed her by saying, “You’re busy, but did you come all the way here?” He continued, “We take care of our country’s affairs. Let’s use our strength to protect our country by ourselves.”

Representative Lee cheered, saying, “Because my mother said so, we are less taken.” He said, “We must stay healthy and watch the forced labor issue be resolved in good health.” He also asked, “You must get well soon. Please recover quickly and scold with a louder voice.”

Grandmother Yang was hospitalized last month due to deterioration of energy after demanding the withdrawal of the ‘third party reimbursement’ plan by the Japanese Forced Mobilization Victims Support Foundation under the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, which pays alimony on behalf of Japanese war criminal companies. Her adoptive grandmother was discharged from the hospital this afternoon after her recent examination showed no abnormal findings.

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