Women’s volleyball outsiders also open the lid… The key is also ‘career’

It is an important choice that will influence farming for one year.

Seven women’s professional volleyball teams are digesting the 2023 KOVO women’s foreign player tryout schedule, which will be held at the Hasan Doan Sport Complex in Turkey, Istanbul from the 11th to the 13th. The draft, in which the club’s final selection will be revealed, will be held at 10 p.m. on the 13th, the last day of the tryouts.

A total of 55 foreign players submitted applications to knock on the V-League this year. Among them, the list was organized into 40 players after evaluation by each club, and after that, 4 players who applied for tryouts among active players last season were added, and a total of 44 players will hold a showcase in front of the club.

The keyword is ‘career job’, just like토토사이트 the men’s team who finished the foreign draft earlier. In the men’s division, except for Woori Card, which nominated ‘New Face’ Matei Kok, all other teams selected players with contract renewals or experience in Korea. It is a trend aiming for a clear reinforcement of power with players who have been clearly verified in terms of skill and league adaptation.

There is a high possibility that familiar names will be called again in the women’s division. Starting with Kathryn Bell, the MVP of the championship match that led Korea Expressway Corporation to the championship last season, Heungkuk Life Insurance’s Yelena Mrazenovic, GS Caltex’s Moma Basoko, and IBK Industrial Bank’s Dali Santana are all competitive players.

Not only this. Katarina Jovic, Sheridan Atkinson (former Road Corporation), and Helen Russo (former Hyundai Engineering & Construction), who have experience in the V-League, are also knocking on the door again.

The player I am most curious about is, of course, Yasmin Bedardt. As a key resource that led the revival of Hyundai E&C over the past two seasons, it has both power and height with a physical height of 192 cm. With a strong serve and a resilient attack, he rose to the ranks of the league’s best foreign players, and at the same time, the team also marched high enough to write new records of various winning streaks.

But injuries are a problem. After leaving due to back pain during the last season, he could not return and said goodbye to Hyundai E&C. At the time, there were doubts about whether he would be able to continue his career as a player, but he came back after rehabilitation and treatment. His skills have been clearly demonstrated. The possibility of injury recurrence is expected to be the biggest variable.

The key is which team each of them will be placed on. The order of nomination rights is based on last season’s performance: 7th Pepper Savings Bank beads 35, 6th IBK Industrial Bank 30, 5th GS Caltex 25, 4th KGC Ginseng Corporation 20, 3rd Hyundai E&C 15, 2nd Heungkuk It is decided by lottery by collecting 10 lives and 5 marbles of the first place Korea Expressway Corporation.

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