Why does director Joo Hee-jung sometimes entrust Moon Jung-hyun with one?

 “It’s not because the pros are trying to do number 1 (point guard), it’s because you have to do number 1 to know the movements of numbers 2-5.”

After the Korea-Japan college selection basketball tournament (formerly Lee Sang Baek-bae) was over in mid-May, I had a phone call with a team scout and asked about Moon Jeong-hyeon (194cm, F).

“I was disappointed until more than a hundredfold. (Moon Jeong-hyeon) went to teaching practice and didn’t do much training. He saw a lot of potential as an outside player, but he didn’t see that this year. I thought it wouldn’t work, but I changed my mind at 100 times.

Mun Jeong-hyun was different from Lee Sang-baek. I think he’s a good player given his potential. At Korea University, there are good players, so Jung Hyun can’t play a lot. Other players have to run too, so Jeong-hyeon can’t play much in matches against weak players.

The amount of training was lacking due to teaching practice, etc., but it seems that I prepared well for Lee Sang-bae. Excellent is right. There is leadership, and there is BQ. But not outside players. When playing a pick game, the field of view is not wide, and throwing a jumper needs to be supplemented in the pro.”

As the scout said, Moon Jung-hyun shows a clear presence in games where it is essential. It can be seen that Moon Jung-hyun has further enhanced his value in the Korean-Japanese university selection basketball tournament.

Moreover, Moon Jeong-hyun played 7 games until the match against Myongji University on the 1st of last month, recording an average of 11.3 points, 10.1 rebounds, 5.0 assists and a 3-point shot success rate of 26.3% (5/19), but from the match against Sungkyunkwan University on the 9th to the match against Konkuk University on the 15th, he played 5 games. He averaged 16.8 points, 8.8 rebounds, 5.2 assists, 2.6 steals, and a 35.3% (6/17) 3-point shooting percentage.

He performed better than he did until the middle of the season in the games before and after the Korea-Japan University Basketball Tournament, and it is especially noticeable that he significantly increased his 3-point shooting success rate. However, the unfortunate thing is that the free throw success rate has fallen from 76.2% (16/21) to 57.1% (8/14).

Moon Jung-hyun is currently averaging 13.6 points, 9.6 rebounds, 5.1 assists, 1.8 steals, 30.6% (11/36) of three-point shooting success rate, and 68.6% (24/35) of free throw success rate.

How would Korea University coach Joo Hee-jeong evaluate Mun Jung-hyeon?

Coach Hee-Jung Joo said, “He has a good attitude both inside and outside, is sincere, and is a role model for his juniors. Moon Jung-hyun is overweight and gains weight, so when there is a match, he perseveres and overcomes it. He is a college student by himself, but he is like a professional player. He will be a player who will establish himself on any professional team,” Moon explained.

When asked what parts to improve, director Joo Hee-jung said, “You have to get used to hitting and running with speed. “It is said that there is no outside shot, but the recovery exercise is the only one at Korea University. He is not a player without a shot, but considers it time to get used to the body. He can thrive in tough, clutch situations in the pros if equipped. The shot success rate is low, but compared to that, there are not many attempts. Hyun-Jung feels that his style will suit him better if he goes to the pros rather than college.”

Mun Jeong-hyun is a player who has stood out since high school by leading Ulsan Muryong High School to the championship with Yang Jun-seok.

Coach Hee-Jeong Joo, when asked what areas Jung-Hyeon Moon has grown more after entering Korea University, said, “Compatibility,” and then said, “If I and Hyun-Jung are not compatible, no matter how good the players and leaders are, the team will not perform well토토사이트. The compatibility was right, so Jeong-hyeon filled in the necessary parts, and Jung-hyeon filled the team’s grades.”

Then he went on to explain further.

“It was a big plus that Jung Hyun-yi met me and watched numbers 1-3 (point guard, shooting guard, small forward) instead of 4-5 (power forward, center). If she went to any other university except for Korea University, she would have seen it 4 or 5 times. It was a gamble on my part too. (For Mun Jeong-hyeon to see numbers 1-3) She is not good at wits. She tends to fight her body, but Hyun-Jung knows my heart and performed well.

Since she was in 2nd grade she has been playing number 1 occasionally. She’s not trying to get her to do number 1 in the pro, but because she needs to do number 1 to know moves 2-5. Last year, in the regular match, I briefly played number 1. This year, there are a lot of No. 1 players, so I am playing No. 2 or 3. I chose the school well, and what I can give back is sending them to the pros so they can play outside the post.”

Moon Jeong-hyeon, a senior in college, was unable to fully display his skills at the beginning of this year’s college basketball league season. He also had professional officials who were slightly disappointed. However, after the Korean-Japanese college selection basketball tournament, he shows skills that everyone can only recognize.

Among the forwards, there was a question mark about how useful Mun Jeong-hyeon would be in his professional career because of his short stature, slow speed, and inaccurate 3-point shot. Moon Jung-hyun is changing that question mark into an exclamation mark before and after the Korea-Japan college basketball tournament.

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