“Who would do this to a restaurant?”…Crackdown on delivery restaurants ‘Surprise’

We’ve caught meal delivery companies faking their origins or failing to properly manage their ingredients. They didn’t throw away old ingredients, or left used food unattended안전놀이터.

Understanding Sun Lee is a reporter.


When I opened the refrigerator, I saw unused food lying around, unpackaged.

The inside of the refrigerator was rusted, and the leftovers were covered in mold.

The officials are surprised when they arrive.

[Civil Affairs Special Judicial Police Unit : I’m speechless, what is this, boss, who would do this in a restaurant…]

There are various fish accessories, fries, and sweet potatoes that have been sitting out for who knows how long.

This is the kitchen of a restaurant that specializes in delivery.

You don’t even know which ingredients can be used and which ones have to be thrown away.

[Minsang Special Judicial Police Unit : {Are you going to use this?} I don’t even know if I put it in myself. {Then how do you tell what you use and what you don’t?]

I went to the kitchen of another delivery company.

There are fish cakes with an expiration date of 15 days and ingredients that are over 6 months old.

[‘B’ delivery restaurant owner: That’s throwaway, we’re not using it].

Misrepresentation of origin is commonplace.

Citizens who often eat delivery food are uneasy.

[Kim Dong-wook, Naegok-dong, Gangneung, Gangwon-do: It’s very embarrassing, because I don’t know the hygiene of the store or anything like that, because I only order delivery…]

In Gyeonggi-do alone, 30 out of 180 delivery specialty stores have been cracked down.

Business owners who violate country of origin labeling laws and food hygiene laws because they can’t be seen by customers will soon be sent to prosecutors.

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