WBC, Choi Ji-man, who missed both salary ‘two rabbits’, but local media ‘turned away’?…”Choi Ji-man, salary adjustment could never have won”

  • February 18, 2023

Choi Ji-man lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates in salary adjustment.

According to American media outlets such as MLBTR, salary arbitrators raised Pittsburgh’s hand on the 18th (Korean time). 메이저사이트Choi Ji-man asked for an annual salary of $5.4 million, and Pittsburgh offered $4.65 million.

Choi Ji-man, however, received an evaluation that he took more than expected despite losing in rowing.

MLBTR has set Choi Ji-man’s 2023 annual salary at $4.5 million.

MLBTR has shown a very high expected success rate so far.

As a result, Choi Ji-man earned $150,000 more than the MLBTR estimate.

Pirates Prospect said, “It is not 100% accurate, but arbitration committee members choose the one closest to the MLBTR estimate, so there would be little chance that only Choi would win regardless of the amount requested.” That he was going to lose anyway.

With this, Choi Ji-man tried to compete in the WBC and win the salary adjustment, but all failed.

Meanwhile, Choi Ji-man appeared at the Pittsburgh spring training ground for the first time after the trade.

However, Choi Ji-man is known to have avoided meeting with the media.

“I expect him to be fine as the season nears,” Pittsburgh general manager Ben Charrington told reporters.

“We’ve had staff visit him all winter in Arizona. He’s on the right track. But his offseason has been different, and there’s been talks about the WBC. Not sure if he’s fully ready to participate the way he wants to.” “It wasn’t clear. So we talked to him with some concerns about that. We expect him to be fully prepared by the time he’s ready to play this season.”

“We thought it was best for Pittsburgh to have him fit,” coach Derek Shelton said. “We have to make sure we’re ready for the season. We’ll talk to him. No problem at all.”

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