Victory in Mother’s Country, Japan… Canada’s Deguchi, 2nd Judo World Champion in 4 Years

Canada’s Christa Deguchi (28) regained her world championship title after four years.

The women’s 57kg final of the Judo World Championships was held on the 9th (local time) at the Ali bin Hamad Al Atiyah Arena in Doha, Qatar. Deguchi (world No. 2) won the bout against Japan’s Haruka Funakubo (25, world No. 4), the runner-up of her last year’s event. She scored half with an andari kick in 49 seconds of the 4-minute game, and at 1 minute and 40 seconds, less than a minute later, she completely laid Funakubo on the mat with an exciting leg-to-spin technique.

She passed the first round with a bye, and Degoochi finished all five rounds leading up to the final by tying either a bout (2 matches) or two half techniques (3 matches). There was never an overtime win for her, and she displayed overwhelming prowess, winning in an average of 2 minutes and 27 seconds per match.

Even though Deguchi became the second world champion in her career four years after the 2019 Tokyo Games, she did not cheer or laugh out loud. Even as she received her coach’s congratulations, her expression was calm, with only a faint smile on her face. “If she believes in herself more than anyone else, she can do whatever she wants,” she said of Deguchi. After placing second in her two tournaments in a row, Nakubo admitted her rout to her home country’s press, saying “she couldn’t do anything”.

Deguchi (exit )was born to a Canadian English teacher father (Thomas Taylor) and a Japanese mother (Deguchi Yukina). He was given the surname on his mother’s side, not his father’s. He was born in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, and first wore a uniform at the age of three. Deguchi, who was studying and exercising in Japan, chose Canadian citizenship instead of Japanese nationality in 2016 when he was in his third year at Yamanashi Gakuin University. Canada says 토토사이트Deguchi has worked hard ever since he was a high school prospect.

Deguchi won her first gold medal at the 2019 World Championships following her bronze medal at the 2018 World Championships. It was the first gold medal ever won by Canada at the World Championships. Deguchi missed the World Championships and the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, behind fellow Canadian Jessica Klim Kite.

Klim Kite (#3 in the world rankings) won the 2021 World Championships and a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. He was third at the 2022 and 2023 World Championships. Deguchi (two) and Klimkite (one) have jointly won all three gold medals that Canada has won at world championships.

Deguchi’s goal is to compete in the Paris Olympics next year and win Canada’s first Olympic judo gold medal.

Heo Mi-mi placed 5th in two competitions in a row

South Korea’s Heo Mi-mi (21, Gyeongbuk Athletic Association) placed 5th. In the quarterfinals, she faced Funakubo in a close match, which she lost by foul after receiving the third guidance penalty at 5:04 in extra time. Heo Mi-mi (#5 in the world rankings) cheered by defeating Nora Zakova (31, world number 8), who was the gold medalist at the last Tokyo Olympics, in 2 minutes and 28 seconds of overtime in the losing match, but in the bronze medal match, Mongolia’s He suffered a foul loss in overtime to Hagbatogu Enhrylene (14th in the world). Hur Mi-mi also lost to Funakubo in the semifinals at her last year’s World Championships, and knelt to Le Hagbatogu in the bronze medal match. Her failure to cross the same athlete’s wall for the second year in a row forced her to postpone her first world championship appearance to a later date.

Heo Mi-mi is a Korean-Japanese with a Korean father and a Japanese mother. He renounced his Japanese citizenship last year and joined the Gyeongbuk Athletic Association. Over the past year, he has been raising expectations by winning three international tournaments while wearing the Taegeuk symbol. He usually works out at Waseda University’s Sports Science Department in Tokyo, Japan, and comes to Korea ahead of international competitions to train at Jincheon National Athletes’ Village.

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