US-Japan 201-win legend, how did you feel watching the 157km light speed ball of the Japanese national team?

‘American Legend’ Hideo Nomo, San Diego Padres club management advisor, closely watched the bullpen pitching of Fireballer pitcher Rocky Sasaki (Chiba Lotte Marines).

Sasaki, who is participating in the club’s spring camp in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan, has received a lot of attention even before joining the pro as a pitcher who throws a fast ball that can exceed 160 km/h. Sasaki, who joined the pro in 2021, achieved the youngest perfect game in NPB against Orix on April 10 last year, the second year.

Sasaki recorded 156 km in the first bullpen pitching on the 2nd of this month, followed by 157 km in the second bullpen pitching on the 4th, showing off his good condition. Sasaki also boarded the World Baseball Classic (WBC), which will be held next month, and his pitching is drawing much attention from Korean baseball fans.

According to the local media, an old mother advisor who watched Sasaki’s pitching on the 4th highly praised him, saying, “For early February, he throws a pretty complete ball.” He said, “(Sasaki) is a fast pitcher by nature,” and did not pay much attention to his speed. However, he advised, “You must be conscious of the WBC yourself, but how you organize the season is important, not the tournament 온라인바카라.”

When asked by a local reporter, “Does Sasaki have the potential to be used in the major leagues?” Nomo’s advisor gave a positive answer, saying, “I think it’s okay to say yes. Everyone knows that.”

As soon as Nomo Advisor made his debut in Japan in 1990, he surprised everyone by recording the most wins and the most strikeouts in the league. Nomo Advisor, who conquered NPB, joined the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1995. He boasts 201 victories in the US and Japan, and is a legendary US-Japan pitcher who holds the record for the most wins (123 wins) by an Asian pitcher in the Major League, which was broken by Park Chan-ho (124 wins).

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