US Adaptive Open’ champion Lee Seung-min, his three beautiful challenges

Lee Seung-min, who was the first person with autism developmental disorder grade 3 to qualify as a KPGA tour pro in 2017, became the first champion of the “US Adaptive Open” hosted by the United States Golf Association (USGA) last year. By winning the ‘US Adaptive Open’, Lee Seung-min impressed the Korean people and golf fans and provided an opportunity to change the perception of autism developmental disorder. 스포츠토토

Lee Seung-min said, “Winning the ‘US Adaptive Open’ was a really happy moment in my life. The driving force behind the victory was the experience accumulated on the KPGA Korean Tour.” Thank you,” he said.

▲ ‘US Adaptive Open’ title defense will be successful…

Lee Seung-min’s first goal in 2023 is to defend the title of ‘US Adaptive Open’ .

Lee Seung-min said, “I’m both nervous and excited to participate as the defending champion. Interest in the first tournament is expected to increase, and the players are expected to prepare a lot.” I will prepare hard,” he said.

He continued, “I expect that a new golf event will be established at the ‘Paris Paralympic Games’ in 2024.

▲ Passing the 4th cut on the regular tour and challenging the best performance on the KPGA Korean Tour

Seung-min Lee also challenges to pass the 4th cut on the regular tour and breaking the best performance on the KPGA Korean Tour.
Lee Seung-min passed the cut at the ’14th DB Insurance Promy Open’ in 2018, the China Tour ‘Shenzhou Peninsula Open’ in 2019, and the ‘SK Telecom Open’ in 2022, and holds a record of three cuts in his personal career. Lee Seung-min, who has participated in the KPGA Korean Tour a total of 22 times since 2017, ranked 62nd at the ’14th DB Insurance Promi Open’ in 2018.

Lee Seung-min, who recorded a tie for 83rd in the ‘KPGA Korean Tour QT’ last year, is on the waiting list for this season. That’s why this year’s KPGA Korean Tour’s Monday qualifiers (Monday) plan to participate unconditionally.

Lee Seung-min said, “If given the opportunity to participate in the KPGA Korean Tour, I would like to pass the cut first and renew my personal best score. The KPGA Korean Tour has always been a ‘dream stage’ for me.” I am focusing on wedge shots and iron shots for the short game. I will put more effort into becoming more competitive.”

▲ Actively participate in activities to improve awareness of autistic developmental disabilities… Donation is also planned

Meanwhile, Lee Seung-min’s activities to improve awareness of autism and developmental disabilities will continue.

Lee Seung-min said, “By winning the ‘US Adaptive Open’, I felt that the perception of autism developmental disabilities has changed a lot. I am deeply grateful to the companies that sponsor golf for the disabled.” We will work harder to improve the social awareness of people with autistic developmental disabilities by participating in ‘Hana, Autism Race’ and ‘SK Telecom Adaptive Open’ hosted by SK Telecom.”

He continued, “Last year, I heard from player Choi Kyung-ju that ‘every time I record a birdie, I donate.’ He said, “I want to record many birdies this season and donate to people with developmental disabilities. I will become a good golfer and Lee Seung-min who can convey dreams and hopes.”

Lee Seung-min will make his first appearance in the new year by winning the right to participate in the Thai golf tour ‘Singhai Isan Open’ held at the Khon Kaen Golf Club in Thailand for four days from the 23rd of next month as a recommended player.

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