Throng Piabi, unknown Jang Hye-ri, Deolmi, 3 consecutive defeats frustrated

‘Cambodian Express’ Throng Piabi (Blue One Resort)’s 3 consecutive victories in Women’s Professional Billiards (LPBA) was frustrated토토사이트.

On the 13th, at Gyeongju Blue One Resort PBA-LPBA Championship, LPBA Round of 32, Throng set score 1:2 (7:11, 11:9, 4:9) to Jang Hye-ri in the round of 32 match. ) and was eliminated.

On the other hand, ‘Billiard Empress’ Kim Ga-young (Hana Card) won a 2:0 victory over Lee Ji-yeon (A), and Kim Se-yeon (Huons) Kim Ye-eun (Welcome Savings Bank) also won against Kim Gap-seon and Kim Eun-kyung and advanced to the round of 16. .

In the round of 32, which was played in a set system (2 out of 3), Throng scored 4 points in the first set and 4 innings against Jang Hye-ri, but after that, he turned around with empty hits for 5 consecutive innings, and was sluggish. He scored 3 runs in 10 innings to take the lead 7:5, but Hye-ri Jang scored 4 runs in 11 innings and 2 runs in 12 innings to take a set at 11:7. In the second set, 2:3 until the 6th inning, the score was 4-3-2 in turn and 11:9 was recovered.

In the 3rd set that decided the game, the two players faced each other 3:3 until the 8th inning, but Jang Hye-ri took the lead with 2 points in the 9th inning, and scored 2-1-1 in turn from the 11th inning, filling in 11 points first. In the meantime, Throng only scored 1 run in 11 innings, and the game ended with a score of 4:9 (LPBA last set was 9 points).

In addition, the ‘LPBA strong players’ made it to the round of 16 without difficulty. Kim Ga-young won 11:7 (9 innings) and 11:10 (18 innings) against Lee Ji-yeon (A) and advanced to the round of 16. In addition, Kim Ye-eun (Welcome Savings Bank) won 11:1 (9 innings), 10:11 (13 innings), and 9:6 (8 innings) victory over Kim Eun-kyung from the first set. In addition, Kim Se-yeon (Huons) and Lee Yu-ju also won 2:1 against Kim Gap-seon and Kim Da-hee, respectively, and Hayashi Namiko (Japan) defeated Kim Gyeong-ja and Hwang Min-ji defeated Jeong Da-hye 2:0 to pass the round of 32.

The second day of the LPBA round of 32 starts at 6:30 pm on the 14th. On the second day, Kim Min-ah, Kim Bo-mi (NH Nonghyup Card) Mi-rae Lee, Yong Hyun-ji (High1 Resort) Jeon Ae-rin (Huons), Kim Jin-ah (Hana Card) Kang Ji-eun (SK Rent-A-Car), etc.

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