‘This young man is the EPL coach?’ → “No way? That’s right!”

English Premier League Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola is 52 years old this year. He has a gray beard on his bald head. He also looks like a 60 year old looking man. But he was born in 1971.

But recently, a photo of Guardiola in his 20s has become a hot topic. I don’t know if he’s in his 20’s or 30’s. A video is circulating online of him when he was younger, but he looks completely different. He is a really handsome young man. The only thing that was the same then and now is the beard.

The Daily Star said on the 25th, ‘Guardiola’s old video came out. It’s a completely different look.’ Looking at the photos, the young Pep Guardiola is walking the catwalk like a model on the runway. Even the fans say, ‘Is this really Guardiola토토사이트?’ It is said that this video is becoming a hot topic on social media because it looks completely different.

The media pointedly pointed out that Guardiola’s distinctive features were his bald head and gray beard. It is presumed that if a caricature painter draws his portrait, he will give two points and draw it.

Fans say Guardiola will be shocked by how different he is from his signature look. He says he couldn’t keep his mouth shut for his appearance in his youth.

A fan who watched the video said on social media that he was “hypnotized”. It’s probably because he looks so different. Another fan was bewildered, saying, “Why the hell is he like this?” Since he was young, there were many fans who thought he would be bald, but it is surprising to see him completely different.

However, many fans agreed that he resembles the current Arsenal star. That’s Martinelli. He said in surprise, “What does it look like Martinelli?” In fact, Guardiola is what he is after his retirement, but for most of his playing career he has grown his hair.

Meanwhile, Guardiola is marching towards winning this season as well. In the Premier League, they are running second behind Arsenal. The difference in points is 8 points. Man City advances to the quarter-finals of the Champions League and is preparing for a match against Bayern Munich. The quarterfinals will be held next month. On top of that, Man City are competing with Sheffield United in the FA Cup as well. In this way, Guardiola is currently challenging the triple crown.

Guardiola’s contract expires in November regardless of his performance this season. However, the club intends to keep him on a contract extension until the summer of 2025.

[Guardiola in his youth. When I was a player, I had a lot of hair.

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