The president also criticizes “the people’s displeasure”… Korea-China relations at risk

President Yoon Seok-yeol criticized Chinese Ambassador to Korea Xing Haiming at a cabinet meeting on the 13th, saying, “The public is displeased with his inappropriate behavior.” In addition, a high-ranking official in the presidential office said, “We are waiting for appropriate measures from China.” On the 8th, after Ambassador Singh targeted the South Korean government’s “US-biased” foreign policy, saying, “Those who bet on China’s defeat will surely regret it later,” the ruling party, government officials, and even the president directly began to pressure China. The relationship seems to be headed for the worst crisis ever.

President Yoon said this at a closed-door session of the cabinet meeting presided over at the Presidential Office in Yongsan, Seoul, saying, “Korea-China relations have always been conducted with the grand principles of mutual respect, promotion of friendship, and pursuit of common interests,” multiple attendees reported. . One attendee told the <Hankyoreh>, “President Yoon mentioned Yuan Sky’s story and said, ‘Leave Ambassador Xing personally and the relationship between the two countries should not deteriorate because of this.'” China’s Yuan Sky is a person who interfered in internal affairs while stationed in Joseon in the late Joseon Dynasty. It is interpreted that Ambassador Xing criticized the government’s diplomatic line criticism, which was mentioned in a meeting with Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myeong on the 8th, as “intervention in internal affairs.”

Regarding Ambassador Singh’s remarks, a senior official in the presidential office said, “We are waiting for the Chinese side to consider this matter and take appropriate measures from us.” It can be interpreted as a request for attention, discipline, or replacement of Ambassador Singh토토사이트. The official met with reporters and said, “Korea has revealed that it is cooperating with free and democratic countries and allies based on the spirit of the Constitution, while at the same time building healthy Korea-China relations based on the principle of mutual respect and mutual benefit. (Ambassador Singh) made a distorted remark that seemed to exclude “.”

Continuing from the previous day, the ruling party continued to insist that Ambassador Singh be deported by designating him as a “diplomatically avoided person” (persona non grata). At the in-hospital countermeasures meeting that day, Secretary-General Lee Chul-kyu said, “If Ambassador Xing forgets his responsibilities as a diplomat and continues to act arrogantly, he should be considered for designation as a person to be diplomatically avoided in the future.” Instead, we should apologize to the Republic of Korea.” Rep. Kim Seok-ki, secretary of the National Assembly Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee, urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at a parliamentary meeting that day, saying, “If [Ambassador Singh’s request for an apology] is not met or if such disrespect is repeated, we must actively consider taking measures to expel him by designating him as a person to be diplomatically avoided.” did. However, it is known that the government is not officially considering designating Ambassador Singh as a “diplomatically shunned figure.”

China has virtually rejected the demand for ‘action’ against Ambassador Xing. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin declined to answer questions from the Korean media about the president’s office’s request for appropriate Chinese action against Ambassador Xing during a regular briefing on the same day.

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