“In a big lineup, mismatches are not important, it is a defense type. It is used when the defense under the goal is not good, and it is not an offensive lineup.”

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation lost 69-80 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Changwon LG home game held at the Daegu Gymnasium on the 16th. KOGAS, which recorded 10 wins and 11 losses with the defeat on the day, fell below the 50% win rate again. He missed the opportunity to rise to a tie for 4th place and kept the 6th place.

KOGAS, which has never won against LG this season, seemed highly likely to win this time as it was on a 6-game winning streak at home.

At the beginning of the third quarter, when trailing by 41-52 and 11 points, they scored 15 consecutive points and seemed to be victorious even when they turned around 56-52.

However, it was tied scoreless for 5 minutes in the fourth quarter, which started at 57-58, and scored 12 points in a row, falling behind by a double-digit score again at 57-70. In fact, it was the moment when the game was decided. 스포츠토토

Gas Corporation coach Yoo Hoon said after the defeat that day, “It was a difficult situation at the bottom of the goal (because of conceding a lot of points) against Marey in the first half. The big lineup came out from the 3rd quarter, and the cooperative defense worked well. When the big lineup goes out, we loosely score goals and can’t catch up with mismatches. I’m still thinking of it as homework and I’m making it, but today (the 16th) (such a scene) came out very clearly,” he said. “The director should have given another option, such as a two-man game. The players are playing 8 matches for 16 days, so it will be very difficult. If we endure December with our mental strength, the schedule in January will be fine. I will blame myself for the game today (16th), and I will improve the condition of the players for the next game and prepare well,” he looked back on the game.

When the big lineup came out, it was not easy to score due to a mismatch.

Director Yoo Do-hoon said, “(At that time) you have to do it differently. When it comes to a big lineup, mismatches aren’t important, it’s defensive. It is used when the defense under the goal is not good, and it is not an offensive lineup.” With that lineup, Marey’s defense worked well.