The importance and method of finish

Why is finish important?

Weekend golfers often get tired of토스카지노 hanging on to the backswing all the time. An anecdote that when Choi “Tank” Kyung-ju first entered the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour, he paid attention to the finish, saying that he should show a great form to overcome the unfamiliar gaze of Asians around him, and his swing improved and he achieved good results afterwards. has been introduced

Usually amateurs often think that the swing is over at impact. Because of this, there are many cases where finishes do not feel very important. If you omit the finish, the swing is cut off before going to the finish, and the weight shift and rotation do not work properly. Eventually Chidama becomes a swing.

On the other hand, if you try to finish to the end, you will definitely finish because the impact and impact zone are low and long.

Then, how can you make a pretty finish?
A characteristic of golfers who are not good at finishing is that they often do not complete the rotation. In order to complete the rotation, the right shoulder must first rotate all the way to the target direction. If you feel that your right shoulder doesn’t rotate well to the target direction or you don’t know, it’s good to practice the following.

First of all, after hitting the ball, the right shoulder can rotate in the direction of the target by simply stopping the thought that the right shoulder is left. In order to create a rotation routine for the right shoulder, if you think that the gaze of the face is looking at the back after impact, rather than looking at the target after impact while performing a practice swing, the right shoulder is sufficiently turned toward the target. This is an easy and effective way to ensure a good finish is produced.

*Swing Detox is a lesson in which a professional golfer picks up points that are easy for amateur golfers to miss and deciphers the wrong swing.

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