The fall of New York, the ‘baseball city’, the Yankees and Mets’ first joint endangerment

A city that ranks second in terms of baseball history and number of fans. New York’s status as the ‘Mecca’ of world baseball is falling to the floor this season. The possibility that the New York Yankees and the New York Mets of the Major League Baseball (MLB) based in New York will be disgraced for the first time in history has increased.

The Yankees, the lowest in the Eastern Division of the American League (AL), lost 0-2 in an away game against the Atlanta Braves on the 17th (Korean time) and fell into a five-game losing streak. With a record of 60 wins and 61 losses this season, he was unable to maintain a 50% win rate. They are 3.5 games behind the 4th place Boston Red Sox and 14 games behind the 1st place Baltimore Orioles.

The Mets won 8-3 in the home game against the Pittsburgh Pirates that day, but are still in 4th place in the National League (NL) Eastern Division with 55 wins and 66 losses. The gap with the 5th place Washington Nationals (54-67) is only one game. They are 7.5 games away from the third-place Miami Marlins.

The simultaneous downfall of the Yankees and the Mets is shocking. Since the Mets were founded in 1962 as New York’s second club, there has never been a season in which the two teams have fallen side by side to the bottom of the planet. The 2014 season was the last time both teams were eliminated from the postseason together.

Above all, the two teams are considered to be the teams that poured the most money last winter. As of the opening day of this season, the Mets ($353.55 million) ranked first and the Yankees ($277 million) ranked second. In particular, the Mets became the first team in MLB history to exceed $30,000 in annual salary.메이저놀이터

Still, the situation is worst. The Yankees suffered a fatal injury when Aaron Judge, who hit 62 home runs last year, left for a long time due to injury twice. Ahead of this season, the nine-year contract for a total of 360 million dollars (approximately 475 billion won) has not yet seen the effect. In particular, the team’s scoring production in the second half is serious. In 30 games since the All-Star break, the team’s OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.689 is 14th out of 15 AL teams. Judge, who returned last month, has yet to live up to his name.

The Mets seem to have given up on their performance early this season. Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer, who were recruited for the championship, were sent to the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers at the end of last month, respectively. Instead of giving up the legendary one-two punch, which receives an annual salary of 43.33 million dollars (approximately 55.5 billion won), they recruited several promising players and started preparing for next year’s season.

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