The 52nd National Youth Sports Festival, about 20,000 people from 17 cities and provinces applied for participation

A total of 18,429 players and executives from 17 cities and provinces nationwide as a result of the application deadline for the ’52nd National Youth Sports Festival’ hosted by the Korea Sports Council (Chairman Lee Ki-heung) and supervised by Ulsan Metropolitan City, the Ulsan Metropolitan City Office of Education, and the Ulsan Metropolitan City Sports Association. applied for participation in the competition.

The application for participation in the먹튀검증 52nd National Youth Sports Festival was held for 15 days from April 10 (Mon) to 24 (Mon), and a total of 18,429 people, including 11,924 athletes and 6,505 executives, applied for the competition from 17 cities and provinces. did.

In order to promote a fair competition, a viewing period is operated to check the eligibility for participating athletes from April 24th (Mon) to May 8th (Mon) 15:00.

The organizers said, “In this competition, 543 participants increased compared to the 51st (17,886), and athletics (+99), soccer (+61), fencing (+36), basketball (+34), canoe (+34) We were able to confirm that the number of athletes increased evenly in various events such as

Meanwhile, on May 4th (Thursday) at 2:00 PM, the 52nd National Youth Sports Festival meeting will be held at Dongchun Gymnasium in Ulsan. On this day, about 200 people from each city and province sports association, provincial and provincial offices of education, and member sports groups participated in the draw for tournament events (6 groups of 19 sports).

This National Youth Sports Festival was held for 4 days from May 27 (Sat) to 30 (Tue), representing 17 cities and provinces in 48 stadiums in 36 events (21 events for under 13 years old and 36 events for under 16 years old). It is expected that hot competition will be held among Korean sports dreamers.

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