Suspended celebration

The quota for the LG Cup finals is 24. Half of them were selected by seed, and the other half, 12 people who wished to participate in each country gathered in one place and competed in an international competition. This is the so-called ‘integrated qualifier’. It was a festival to see hundreds of people from all over the world fighting for a ticket to the finals for nearly a week. It has been 4 years since the tradition stopped due to the corona crisis.

Following the 25th and카지노사이트 27th competitions, the situation improved this year, but it was also not held. In place of the combined qualifiers, national selection competitions were held. 7 tickets were allocated to the host country Korea, 4 tickets to China and Japan, and 1 ticket each to have their own selections. This game of Go is one of the seven final rounds of the domestic competition held on April 25th. Still, it is nice to see that it has escaped online and is a face-to-face match for the first time in four years. Will he be able to return to the unified qualifiers next year?

Although they are colleagues who often run into each other, the tension in the finals is no different from that of international matches. When jumping into a 6, a 7 can also be blocked from the other side (8). The reference drawing is one of the expected changes. Up to 12, the most common basic standard these days has been embroidered. It is also a good idea to increase black as ‘ga’ here, white as ‘I’, and black as ‘da’. However, I jumped into the 13th without question.

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