‘Successful’ SSG Florida Camp, Behind ‘Best Interpreter’

  • February 28, 2023

After playing for SK Wyverns for four years, she joined the Arizona Diamondbacks and was selected as the US national team for the World Baseball Classic (WBC). I always don’t forget the name ‘JOO’.

‘JOO’ is the name of Joo-hwan Kim, the current SSG management team partner she was with when Kelly played in Korea. Kelly said that last year, when her usual friend, Kevin Kron, wore an SSG uniform, she said, “She is the best interpreter, one of the reasons I was able to be happy for four years in Korea.” She also introduced her partner Kim. Interpreter Kim Joo-hwan, who joined SK in 2015, went through overseas leagues and other KBO teams before returning to SSG last year. 

This year, she oversaw the preparation and operation of the Florida Spring Camp, USA, held in three years. She started discussions with the Jackie Robinson Training Complex (JRTC) from June of last year and proceeded with her contract.먹튀검증

After camp started, she couldn’t keep her eyes open. She organized the daily training schedule and communicated how to use the baseball field and what was needed to the local ground manager and the general manager of the baseball field. She had to order every detail, from facility and ground maintenance to checking traffic lines and providing water. After she delivered preparations in the afternoon, she checked the baseball field with me from 7 am the next day.

Partner Kim Joo-hwan, who is in charge of interpreting for the pitching part, started with the pitching team meeting at 9:00 am and performed his duties until the end of training, while also solving various civil complaints and requests from the players in real time. He handled a variety of tasks where help was needed, from matters related to training, such as mounds and equipment settings, to living aspects such as lodging, moving, and ordering food.

There was also a reason why Kim Joo-hwan’s partner was toxically busy. During the three years he couldn’t come to the United States due to Corona 19, a lot of things had changed, and he needed time to newly understand this and explain it to the squad. Also, due to the economic situation in the United States, on-site employees have left the company. It was also up to Partner Kim to solve the difficulties in the ground and rooms caused by the lack of manpower at the beginning of the camp.

Partner Kim Joo-hwan said, “The total number of players is about 70. Unlike domestic camps, there are difficulties in language communication, so we help even in small parts, and the day is over before we know it when we solve various requests.” He laughed, saying, “It seems like I’m using two auxiliary batteries from waking up in the morning until I fall asleep at night.”

Partner Kim said, “I am a person whose main job is interpreting. I am accustomed to working between people, but personally, the most important thing in interpreting is not hurting the feelings of both parties and allowing each other to say whatever they want. So, I tried to continue playing that role naturally in the camp,” he said. “The camp ended safely to the end,

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