“Stuck in the squishy old turf”…South Korean baseball’s epic misfortune

A more serious injury than expected. This is the common thought of baseball fans who heard the news of Lee Jung-hoo’s (24, Kiwoom Heroes) surgery.

Let’s review the situation. In the bottom of the eighth inning of the game against the Lotte Giants at Busan Photo Stadium on April 22, Lee suddenly turned to the bench and signaled for a substitution after catching the opposing leadoff hitter Kim Min-seok’s single up the middle. He then limped off the field and was helped off by a trainer.체스카지노

There was some concern that the player, who rarely shows signs of pain, had asked to be substituted so directly. However, at this point, few expected her to be out for long. “I’m worried because it doesn’t seem to be a light (injury),” teammate Kim Hye-sung said.

Further examination revealed a torn left ankle extensor ligament (the membrane that wraps around the ankle tendon). He was told it would take three months to rehabilitate after suture surgery.

While it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the injury could have been caused by fatigue, it’s more likely that I was unlucky to have a problem with an unfamiliar part of my body, the extensor tendon. The injury occurred after countless repetitions of a defensive move.

There was also a problem. Head coach Hong Won-ki explained the situation before the game against the Hanwha Eagles in Gocheok on the 25th. “It rained a lot in the meantime, so the field was soggy that day. It was said that the yellowed grass was more squishy than the green grass. They said that there were some spikes stuck in there (the yellow grass), and when I started (to defend), my foot slipped,” he explained, borrowing from Lee Jung-hoo.

It’s easy to be disappointed with the field management. However, Hong Won-ki said, “I don’t think that’s the case because all the players (played) in the same conditions. Lee Jung-hoo was unlucky. Rain seems to have a bad luck with our team this year.”

Lee was a key player for the Korean baseball team at the Hangzhou Asian Games in September. He is irreplaceable for Kiwoom. After this season, he tried to make it to Major League Baseball (MLB) on the posting system. He signed with the Boras Corporation, which is represented by mega-agent Scott Boras. After a slow start to the season, he rebounded dramatically to win his third straight batting title. All of this made Lee’s misfortune all the more unfortunate.

Coach Hong Won-ki said, “I saw him briefly today (Aug. 25), and I could only encourage him. A team is a team, but as a professional athlete, it is most important not to get sick. I hope the surgery and rehabilitation go well,” he said. Perhaps more than anyone else, Lee Jeong-hoo himself was devastated.

Kiwoom won against Lotte on the 23rd without Lee Jung-hoo, but lost 6-16 at home against Hanwha on the 25th.

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