‘Strong Aftermath’ Green, Thompson, Cuminga, Pool Uncertain… Director Kerr and President Myers also pay attention

Last season’s champion Goldoo State Warriors lost to the Los Angeles Lakers 2-4, ending their two-game losing streak.

Golden State started the season without major changes in player movement.

Is it because of the tension? Or, was it ‘ashes rather than chanting’? Some players showed interest only in money, such as the Max contract, without interest in a second consecutive victory. Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole.

Golden State, which had a messy start, became a ‘neighborhood book’ as soon as it left the house. At home, they were strong with 33 wins and 8 losses, but were sluggish with 11 wins and 30 losses in away matches.

They advanced to the playoffs as the 6th seed, but did not make it to the conference finals, let alone the NBA Finals.

Although they went on a long vacation early, the aftermath of the defeat is expected to blow hard.

The US media reported on the 14th (Korean time) that after Golden State was eliminated, the future of six players, including four players토토사이트, coach, and president, became unclear.

They are Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Jonanan Cuminga, Jordan Poole, director Steve Kerr, and president Bob Myers.

It is known that Green, who has a player option for the fourth year of his contract, has already requested the club to extend his Max contract.

Golden State plans to discuss a multi-year contract with Green, but it is noteworthy that there are also ‘love calls’ from teams competing in the playoffs. “I want to play for Golden State for the rest of my career,” Green said after Game 6 against the Lakers.

It is known that if Kuminga cannot find a spot in the rotation, he can move to another team.

Poole is known as a cost-cutting candidate because his four-year, $140 million contract extension doesn’t kick off until next season.

Coach Kerr’s contract ends next season. There is no talk of a contract extension, but Kerr is known to lead Golden State next season as well.

Myers’ contract expires on June 30.

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