SSG General Manager Ryu Seon-kyu resigns… “It’s time for both me and the organization to change”

  • December 12, 2022

SSG Landers general manager Ryu Seon-gyu, who won the 2022 season, suddenly resigned from his position.

Director Ryu said to News 1 on the 12th, “The goal was to rebuild the team within two years, but I achieved it with this year’s championship, so I think I have done my duty.” .

General Manager Ryu, who started his front life at LG Twins in 1997, moved to SK in 2001 and was appointed general manager at the end of 2020 after experiencing various positions. Afterwards, he changed the team name and re-founded it, and he became the first leader of SSG.

Immediately after his inauguration, general manager Ryu succeeded in catching Joo-hwan Choi in the free agent market and bringing Shin-soo Choo. During the last season, he signed Moon Seung-won, Park Jong-hoon, and Han Yu-seom on long-term contracts, allowing the team to plan with a broader perspective.

The finishing touch was the return of Kim Gwang-hyun ahead of this season. He succeeded in recruiting after actively negotiating with Kim Gwang-hyun, who had nowhere to go due to the closure of the Major League Baseball (MLB) workplace. 메이저놀이터

SSG, which quickly emerged as a favorite for the championship with Kim Gwang-hyun’s joining, was able to win the Korean Series following the regular season’s wire-to-wire championship.

Director Ryu continued his external activities by attending various award ceremonies after the season as a leader. He was also awarded the Front of the Year Award at the Initiative Awards Ceremony.

Director Ryu, who also attended the club fan festival event held the previous day (11th), surprised everyone around him by suddenly announcing his intention to resign.

Director Ryu explained, “Shouldn’t I be the new SSG now? I think I’ve done my part in the club now,” and “I’ll think about future plans.”

On the other hand, some analysts say that Shinsegae Group, the parent company of SSG, is trying to intervene in the management of the baseball team.

Regarding this, Director Ryu spared his words, saying, “That’s just the realm of interpretation.”

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