Spider Girl father and daughter appear in Hangzhou

  • September 16, 2023

Seo Jong-guk (50), coach of the sports climbing team competing in the Hangzhou Asian Games, first encountered climbing in his 20s. He started it as a hobby and got hooked, becoming a sport climber and ice climber, and even opened a climbing club under his own name. He married climbing student Jeon So-young (50) and had a daughter. His wife climbed this mountain with their daughter, who was not even past her first birthday, on their backs.

For my daughter, mountains and rocks were her playground. He entered his first competition in the first grade of elementary school and found climbing to be fun even though he placed last among his older and older brothers. During his vacations, he and his parents went climbing abroad, including in the United States and Greece, to further his dream. That daughter is Seo Chae-hyeon (20, Seoul City Hall), a leading sports climbing star in Korea and a gold medal candidate for the Asian Games.

On the 13th, I met two people at ‘Seo Jong-guk Climbing’, an indoor climbing gym in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. He is a coach and a player, but he is also a father and daughter, a priest, and a senior/junior relationship. Coach Seo was appointed to the national team at the end of 2021. Seo Chae-hyun said, “I have always learned from my dad, so there is not much difference when I meet as the national team coach and player. The most difficult thing is having to call my dad coach on the national team because it is awkward.”

Director Seo said, “I just thought it would be good for the family to have a hobby together, but I never forced it on my daughter.” As Seo Chae-hyun decided on her career path as a player, Coach Seo searched through his overseas materials and studied his teaching methods. He considered training methods that incorporated weight training, exercise methods that could prevent injuries, and a diet that reduced weight management stress while maintaining health.메이저사이트

Seo Chae-hyun’s skills improved rapidly when she became a middle school student. Director Seo laughed, saying, “Chaehyun started looking down on me from her second year of middle school.” Thanks to his wealth of experience climbing many natural rocks with his family, Seo Chae-hyeon is evaluated as having excellent foot skills in finding places to step and stepping on them skillfully. The task is to anticipate his prime in two to three years and improve his strength and lower body elasticity.

Sport climbing, which was first adopted as an official sport at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, is divided into lead, bouldering, and speed. Endurance is important in the lead game where you have to climb a 15m wall as high as possible. Bouldering, which involves performing various tasks, and speed competitions where speed is competed, require strength and agility. Seo Chae-hyun was strong enough to lead, ranking first in the world in 2019 and winning the gold medal in leading at the 2021 World Championships. However, at the Tokyo Olympics, because lead, bouldering, and speed performance were combined, he only ranked 8th overall even though he placed 1st in the lead preliminaries and 2nd in the finals.

However, at the Hangzhou Asian Games, which will open on the 23rd, and the Paris Olympics next year, speed will be separated, and only lead and bouldering performances will be added together. This is a more advantageous situation for Seo Chae-hyun, who is weakest in speed. Chae-Hyun Seo increased her bouldering percentage after the Tokyo Olympics and paralleled Reed’s. Last winter, he did pull-up training with a 40kg weight, about 80% of his body weight, to increase his maximum strength needed for bouldering. Seo Chae-hyun won a silver medal in bouldering at the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) World Cup last June. This was the first medal he won at the Bouldering World Cup, as he swept the Reed World Cup medals.

There are six gold medals at stake in sport climbing at the Hangzhou Asian Games. Coach Seo said, “I expect Korean athletes to be in the medal range in all specific events.” The main competitors for the men’s and women’s speed (October 3) and speed relay (4th) are Chinese and Indonesian athletes, and for the bouldering and lead combine (5th-7th), Japanese athletes are the main competitors. Seo Chae-hyun, who only competes in the Combine, must defeat Ai Mori (20, Japan), who won the lead gold medal at this year’s World Championships and the bronze medal in the Combine. We are the same age and have similar strengths in leading.

Seo Chae-hyun said, “We have been rivals in international competitions ever since middle school, so we are friendly with him, but I really want to win.” He said, “Before the Tokyo Olympics, I had never failed in a competition, but after the Olympics, I have a desire to get good results, so I get a little nervous,” and “But once I hit the wall, I can’t think about anything.”

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