Sleep implant had a lesion…surgical tool 1cm from neck ‘pops’

A man undergoes dental implant surgery under sedation at the dentist’s office, and the next day, a 1-centimeter-diameter iron surgical tool protrudes from his neck.

The hospital says it didn’t go into his lungs and came out when he coughed, so the patient is asking what damage was done.

Reporter Woo Jong-hoon covered the story.

A man who was answering the phone in his office started coughing.

His coughing gets worse and worse to the point where he can’t even talk on the phone, and his coworkers stop what they’re doing.

[Sleep implant surgery patient / Last month 18th: (Hello?) Kolokolok]

After leaving the office, the coughing continued, and a 1-centimeter piece of iron suddenly protruded from the man’s throat.

When I thought back to how and when it got into his body, the only thing I could think of was the implant surgery he’d had the day before under sleep anesthesia.

[SLEEP IMPLANT SURGERY PATIENT: It was almost like I couldn’t breathe. When I spit it out. I was like, “How did this come out?” and I was like, “Maybe it’s torn in my throat or something, maybe I’m injured…”]

When I complained to the hospital, the dentist admitted that he had dropped an iron substance during the operation.

However, he said that since it came out as a cough, there was no problem.

[Sleep implant surgeon / last month 25: I saw it go into the lungs, I saw it go into the lungs, I saw open surgery and stuff like that, but it didn’t, and that’s why I didn’t do anything about it].

When I asked for the full cost of the implant, I was told that the cost of the labor would have to be subtracted from the tools already implanted in the gums.

In response, the Korean Dental Association said that the tool used to place the implant was probably accidentally removed during the surgery, which is not a common occurrence.

They added that it came out in a cough and was unlikely to cause complications, but if it had traveled to the lungs, it could have been devastating.

A patient who had a “dental phobia” and purposely went to a hospital토토사이트 where she was put under sleeping anesthesia, only to be harmed.

She complains that the hospital can only return 30% of the 4 million won she paid, so she can’t move to another hospital.

The patient has filed a complaint against the hospital with the Korea Consumer Affairs Ministry, but the ministry has no clear standards for refunds.

YTN asked the hospital for comment several times, but the hospital declined to comment.

YTN’s Jong-hoon Woo reports.

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