Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan “I’m sorry for the baduk department and the abolition crisis”

  • December 15, 2022

the baduk world Amid the active movement of the baduk world for the preservation of the Myongji University’s baduk department, which is in crisis, various members of the baduk community, including professional players, raised their voices.

Jo Hoon-hyeon, 9th Dan, who is called the ‘Go Emperor’, said, “The world’s only Myongji University Baduk department is a great asset in the world of Baduk and has a great value. The controversy over abolition is very regrettable and I hope it will be maintained.”

‘National Treasure of Baduk’ Lee Chang-ho, 9th dan, delivered a message saying, “I am saddened by the news that Myongji University’s baduk department will be closed. I hope that the world’s only baduk department will continue its history.”

Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, ranked No. 1 in the world, said, “I feel very sorry that Myongji University’s Department of Baduk, the world’s first Baduk department, which has played an important role in informing people who do not know Baduk as well as people who do not know Baduk, is in a crisis.”

‘Emperor of Baduk’ Choi Jeong, 9th dan, expressed his feelings, saying, “It is very unfortunate that the world’s only Baduk department, which is the pride of Myongji University and the Baduk world, is disappearing.”

Oh Yu-jin, 9th Dan, who won the Oh Chung-Won Cup, said, “The Department of Baduk at Myongji University has contributed to the spread of Baduk for a long time, and the knights have also received a lot of help.

Officials working in Baduk-related organizations also wanted the Department of Baduk to remain.

Chief Lee Gyeong-min, a graduate of the 1st class of the Department of Baduk (class of 1997) and currently working in the GB Planning Team at NHN, said, “The Department of Baduk, which has been at the forefront of academic research and dissemination of Baduk, which has a long history and tradition, will continue to play a leading role in the development of Baduk, I hope you will play a leading role in the spread of Go.”

Park Hae-seong (class of 1999), head of operation at Com2Stagem, an internet company specializing in baduk, said, “It is a great loss not only in Korea but also in the world of baduk that the department that studies baduk, which is popular in 80 countries around the world, is disappearing. Please,” he appealed.

Dr. Kang Na-yeon (class of 1998), a graduate of the 2nd class and the head of the education contents team at Korea Kiwon, said, “Go will play an important role in restoring humanity in the material civilization society that will deepen in the future.” And I earnestly aspire to contribute not only to the skills of Korea, the world’s most powerful country, but also to the spiritual cultivation and cultural life of people around the world.”

Cheol-sik Shin, secretary general of Korea Baduk Association (class of 2003), took a strong stance, saying, “The Department of Baduk is one of Korea’s representative brands, and it is the birthplace of the development of Baduk both domestically and internationally. It is impossible to have a baduk.” Choi Yu-jin (class of 2000), the first caster of Baduk broadcasting, expressed regret, saying, “I keep crying over the news of the lung crisis. I hope it will be maintained.”

The news of the abolition of the baduk department gave a great shock to Korean baduk middle and high schools in Suncheon, which are specialized schools specializing in baduk.

Kim Gil-gon, principal of Korea Baduk Middle and High School in Suncheon, said, “Myongji University Baduk Department should do its job as a guide like the North Star to Korean Baduk High School students and the one who started Korean Baduk Middle and High School.” It is,” he strongly opposed the pulmonary department.

Kim Hak-do, husband of professional player Han Hae-won, 3rd Dan, and comedian, said, “As a Go lover and a professional player’s wife, I was shocked to hear the news of the abolition of the Baduk department. gave

Kim Tae-hoon, a pop columnist and Go enthusiast, delivered a short one-line message saying, “I oppose the plan to abolish Myongji University’s Baduk department.”

Kosak Chairamisak, chairman of Thailand Baduk Association and leading CP All Group, a leading company in Thailand, said through Wantani Namasonthy, Secretary General of Thailand Baduk Association, “It is very unfortunate that Korea’s Baduk department is in danger of being abolished. If Myongji University If the baduk department is abolished in , I would like to establish a baduk department in Thailand and inherit the world’s only baduk department.”

Myongji University’s Department of Baduk was opened in 1997 with the title of ‘World’s First’ and has a high reputation abroad. Over 100 international students (including graduate school students) from 25 countries in Asia, Europe, North America and South America have attended the Baduk department.

Including the current president, Han Jong-jin (35th), the 32nd president, Yang Geon, 9th dan, Hong Min-pyo, national coach, Kim Young-sam, former secretary general of the Korea Institute, Sang-hoon Lee, POSCO Chemical coach, Dae-hyeon Baek, celltrion coach, Yoon Young-sun, former female noodle player, Samsung Fire & Marine Co. runner-up A total of 67 professional players, including Ahn Guk-hyeon, have gone through the baduk department or are currently enrolled.

In addition, Baduk graduates entered Baduk-related organizations such as Korea Kiwon and Korea Baduk Association, Hangame, Cyberoro, Tygem, Pmang Baduk, Netmarble, and Baduk broadcasting such as Baduk TV and K Baduk. 스포츠토토

In the baduk world, which is making a unison, the Korea Kiwon issued a statement to maintain the baduk department at Myongji University, and the baduk clubs belonging to the Korea Baduk Association and the University Baduk Federation also issued statements against the abolition of the baduk department.

As of the 15th, 335 people, 82% of all professional players belonging to the Korea Kiwon, signed the opposition to the abolition of baduk department. In addition, more than 4,000 people participated, including the Korea Baduk Association, Women’s Baduk Federation, and University Baduk Federation.

The countersignatures include Cho Hoon-hyeon and Lee Chang-ho, priests, Shin Jin-seo, Park Jeong-hwan, and Choi Jeong-9, who are currently representing Korean baduk, and it is known that Chinese knights also started a signature movement to agree.

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