Salt water dripping from the faucet… The worst drought in Central and South America

Uruguay and Argentina, South American countries that share borders, are suffering from water shortage caused by an unprecedented drought.

People’s anger is growing as salt water comes out from the faucet and livestock die one after another.

Due to this drought, the water level of the ‘Panama Canal’, a global logistics artery connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, is reduced to the extent that ship traffic is restricted.

Reporter Seongcheol Yoon delivers.

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Uruguayan citizens carrying buckets of water hold a nighttime protest demanding clean water.

The reason they were angry was because the tap water was salty enough to not have to season the food.

The reason was that the government supplied tap water with high-salinity estuary water after the water supply in the metropolitan area dried up due to a drought that lasted for four months.

It has been confirmed that the Uruguayan government even issued a guideline not to give more than 1 cup of water per student to each school안전놀이터.

As the people’s complaints intensified, the Uruguay government explained, “It’s difficult to drink, but it’s not drinkable water,” but it rather raised anger.

As people who felt anxious ran to the mart to stock up on bottled water, saving water literally became ‘picking stars in the sky’.

Argentina, another South American country that shares its borders, is also suffering from water shortages caused by the worst drought.

Vast pastures are turning into wastelands with cracked bottoms, leading to deaths of livestock with only bones remaining.

The quality of the remaining hay has deteriorated so badly that the cows’ milk production has plummeted, and the milk doesn’t taste like it used to.

Harvesting crops is also a difficult situation.

[Martin Stella/Farmer]
“We’ve never experienced a drought like this. This situation is living hell. No one has ever seen anything like this. The

drought that hit Central and South America is a global logistics artery responsible for 4% of world trade.” It also dealt a serious blow to the ‘Panama Canal.’

The Panama Canal Authority has even posted a notice that it will continue to limit the amount of cargo by ships due to the water level of the canal being lowered due to drought

. It has been reported one after another that they are busy preparing countermeasures. This is

MBC News Yoon Seong-cheol.

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