Run and retire without regret”… A salary freeze of 50 million won, a comeback story written at the age of 38

Now, there is no place to back down. Annual salary ranges from 1 billion won to 50 million won. Doosan veteran left-hander Jang Won-jun (38) is trying to burn the last flame of the 2023 season. 

On the 26th, Doosan Bears completed contracts with 50 of the 51 candidates for annual salary renewal for the 2023 season, excluding Lee Young-ha, who is on trial for school violence. 

Jang Won-joon succeeded in extending his active duty in the 2023 season and became the oldest Doosan player along with Kim Jae-ho. And sitting at the salary negotiation table with the club, he stamped the same 50 million won as last year.  토토사이트

Jang Won-joon is the person who opened the beginning of the Doosan Dynasty in the past. Prior to the 2015 season, after wearing a Doosan uniform for a total of 8.4 billion won for 4 years, he won 12 wins in the first year and 15 wins in the following year, leading the championship for two consecutive years. He won 14 wins in 2017 as well, achieving 10 wins for 8 consecutive years since 2008 when he was at Lotte. 

Jang Won-joon has suffered from an unknown sluggishness and injury since his fourth year at Doosan. Starting with 24 games in 2018, 3 wins, 7 losses, 2 holds, and an ERA of 9.92, he played in 6 games in 2019 and 2 games in 2020, properly destroying the pride of the ace. In 2020, he was also on the verge of retirement amidst the shock of an average ERA of 12.71 in two games.

Jang Won-jun did not give up. In 2021, he revived with an average ERA of 6.75 in 32 matches, 1 loss, 1 save and 4 holds, and then laid the foundation for a comeback with an ERA of 3.71 in 27 matches, 1 loss and 6 holds last year.

Years passed and Jang Won-joon turned 38 years old. In a meeting with new manager Lee Seung-yeop, he appealed his will to extend his active career, not retire. And coach Lee said, “There is a lack of left-handed pitchers in our team, so I hope they play a role. A pitcher with 129 victories recognizes other teams, and it is a disgrace if it does not go well. He has no intention of retiring, but I am not asking him to quit,” he said, accepting the player’s request.

When Jang Won-joon signed a free agent contract in 2015, his annual salary reached 1 billion won. However, sluggishness began in 2018, and his annual salary plummeted to 600 million won in 2019, 300 million won in 2020, and 80 million won in 2021. Fortunately, this year’s salary was frozen without any cuts, but what is important to him now is not money, but restoration of honor.

As coach Lee said, Doosan’s biggest weakness in the 2023 season is left-handed pitching. Starting with the trade transfer of Ham Deok-joo, Yoo Hee-gwan and Lee Hyun-seung retired one after another, leaving a big hole in the left-handed bullpen part. There are up-and-coming lefties such as Choi Seung-yong and Lee Byung-hun, but this year Jang Won-joon needs to take center stage with a rejuvenation fight, as Lee Hyun-seung has done for the past two years. 

The commander’s heart toward Jang Won-joon is different. Although he is of age and skill, it is okay to retire, but he decided to give him another chance under the principle that “a player must leave when he is satisfied with his retirement.” 

Director Lee said, “I want to treat a legend like Jang Won-joon. So he told me to run without regret. And if we do well this year, we can do more.” 

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