Resurrected ‘Major Power’ Lee Da-yeon “My next goal is the Career Grand Slam”

“Career Grand Slam is the goal I always had. I will continue to challenge for the championship in the remaining major tournaments.” Lee

Da-yeon (26), the ‘major powerhouse’, won the first major tournament of the 2023 season of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour, the Chris F&C 45th KLPGA Championship (total prize money of 1.3 billion won) announced the resurrection.

The final 4th round of the tournament was held on the 30th at Lakewood Country Club (par 72) in Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do. Lee Da-yeon made 7 birdies and committed 3 bogeys to hit a 4 under par 68. Her final total was 13 under par, 275 strokes, and she tied for second place Son Ye-bin (21) and Park Gyeol (27) by 4 strokes to reach the top.

It was her 7th win on the KLPGA Tour in 1 year and 8 months. Lee Da-yeon first won her major at the 2019 Kia Motors Korea Women’s Open, and her second at the 2021 Hanwha Classic. This is her third major win.

If Lee Da-yeon reaches the top by the KB Financial Star Championship in September or the Hite Jinro Championship in October, she will achieve the first ‘Career Grand Slam’ in the history of the KLPGA tour. A Career Grand Slam means winning four out of five major tournaments.

△ ‘Ottukgi’ who gets up three times even if he falls twice

Lee Da-yeon was particularly injured. Ahead of the 2017 season, when he narrowly secured a seed, he suffered a major injury that ruptured ligaments in his left ankle. The season started in April, but Lee Da-yeon did not return to the field until June. He couldn’t have been in good shape. He withdrew from two contests and missed the cut in four consecutive contests. In danger of losing his seed again, he overcame the crisis by winning his first surprise victory at the Phantom Classic in October, when he entered at 78th in the money list.

Lee Da-yeon, who had been reborn as a top player by winning 6 wins, including 2 majors two years ago, was faced with another ordeal. At the end of August last year, he had surgery on his left wrist and elbow at the same time. It was attributed to his ligaments rupturing due to fatigue from using his left arm a lot. Lee Da-yeon rested through the second half and devoted herself to rehabilitation.

Lee Da-yeon said, “It wasn’t easy to even lift one of his hands after the surgery. He recalled that he started rehabilitation by breaking a joint.” He raised his back and down swings by 10% and 20% step by step, and it was not until mid-February of this year that he was able to swing full swing. In April, he returned to the tour after a nine-month hiatus and reached the top four events after his return.

Lee Da-yeon said, “The hardest thing was the pain. “I was in so much pain before the surgery and during my rehabilitation,” he said. In addition, “Now the pain has decreased a lot and there is no major hindrance to the game. My body will get better in the future,” he explained.

In addition, she said, “It is clear that I have grown through difficulties. Thanks to the attitude of continuing to move forward, I was able to overcome difficulties even if there were many difficulties,” he added.

△ ‘Rookie’ Bang Sin-sil, even though he missed the championship, 300-yard long hit Da-yeon Da-yeon, who

started the third round jointly with ‘Bang’ Bang Sin-sil (19), a rookie. It was the 15th hole in the second half that the tight game was split. Lee Da-yeon, who was co-leader, made three consecutive birdies on holes 15 to 17 and put a wedge in the game. In the 15th hole (par 5), where Lee Da-yeon made a 4m birdie, Bang Sin-sil committed 카지노사이트a three-putt bogey, and the pendulum slanted.

Lee Da-yeon did not stop and caught a 4.3m birdie on the 16th hole (par 4) to put a wedge in the championship, and on the 17th hole (par 3) caught a 7.8m birdie to celebrate the championship. The gap between the tied second place group and the number of strokes widened by 4 strokes.

Bang Sin-sil was a captain and ace while working as a national team member for three years from 2020. In November of last year, he had a seed ranking match, but only finished in 40th place. Since he did not return to play, he was active on the Dream Tour (Part 2). Then, as the number of players participating in this tournament increased from 120 to 132, I was able to catch my luck.

Bang Sin-sil is 173 cm tall and has a strong physique, long hits and aggressive play. In this competition, the charm of Bang Shin-sil came out without a doubt. In the 13th hole (par 4) of the final round, he sent a driver tee shot 320 yards.

Bang Shin-sil, who was competing for the championship with Lee Da-yeon until the 14th hole, was shaken by making consecutive bogeys on the 15th and 16th holes. Bang Shin-sil, who failed to maintain her concentration until the end of the game, missed her first chance to win. He lost one stroke and finished the tournament tied for fourth place (9 under par 279 strokes).

However, the performance for four days was enough to catch the attention of the golf fans who visited the gallery and watched the broadcast.

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