Puck-puck’ with the hands of a filial son… Child caregivers in local governments, child abuse controversy again

Controversy over child abuse by babysitters managed by local governments has erupted again.

The scene of hitting or pushing a 15-month-old child with a filial hand was captured on CCTV .

After receiving the report, the police launched an investigation메이저사이트.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung covered the story exclusively.

A child lying down struggles.

Then, the caregiver next to him suddenly raises his filial son’s hand and strikes the child twice.

[“Stay still, stay still, stay still before you get hit, stay still.”]

When changing diapers, he presses the child with his leg, and when the child crawls out, he pushes it roughly.

Her child’s head gets hit hard by a toy, but the helper doesn’t care.

In addition to this, she pushes a 15-month-old child who tries to stand by her hand

[“What are you doing, what are you doing”] and

wraps her in a blanket to keep her from getting up.

The period that the child’s mother entrusted the child to the caregiver was 11 months from June of last year to the middle of this month. As a dual-income self-employed person ,

she couldn’t afford to raise her child, so she used the government’s childcare service .

[Mother of the victim: I didn’t think what to do with the child. He always said he felt sorry for me.]

This babysitter belongs to a consignment company of Ganghwa-gun Office, and after obtaining a childcare license, she has been working as a government-sured childsitter at the company for several years.

It is known that the caregiver explained that she had insufficient parenting skills and did not intend to hurt the child.

On the 17th, the Ganghwa-gun Office explained that the caregiver had been excluded from work, and that they would investigate whether there were other victims.

The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency, which received a child abuse report, plans to call the helper sooner or later to determine the exact period and number of abuses.

This is YTN Kang Min-kyung.

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