‘Pre-season Korean Derby’ Jang Min-guk, who made a great performance with 20 points, won by decision over Lee Dae-seong, who struggled with 19 points

  • September 17, 2023

Jang Min-guk laughed in the preseason Korean derby with Lee Dae-seong.

Nagasaki Belka won 101-95 against Seahorses Mikawa in the B. League preseason game 2023 held at Aisin Gymnasium in Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan on the 16th.

The match on this day attracted attention due to the match between Nagasaki Jang Min-guk and Mikawa Lee Dae-seong. Jang Min-guk led Nagasaki to victory with 20 points, including three 3-pointers, while Lee Dae-seong shone even in the loss, with 19 points, including two 3-pointers.

Their roles were clearly different from when they all played in KBL. Jang Min-guk, a 199cm tall forward, took advantage of a mismatch and scored from under the goal. There was also a scene where he succeeded in a mid-range shot while trying to post up. As he also has the ability to shoot outside, he showed off his presence both inside and outside by hitting three 3-pointers.

What was particularly impressive about him was his defense. It was mainly a matchup with foreign players, such as former NBA leaguer Jake Laymon and last season’s No. 1 option Davante Gardner. At the end of the fourth quarter, he was sent off for five fouls and left the court, but did his best to block the foreign player. It seemed that Jang Min-guk was relieving the height disadvantage to some extent.

An interesting situation occurred in the middle of the fourth quarter. Jang Min-guk and Lee Dae-sung were matched up. Jang Min-guk received a screen from his teammate and placed an outside gun in front of Lee Dae-seong in the corner. Although Jang Min-guk committed his fifth personal foul and could no longer play, it was clearly a meaningful scene for Korean fans.스포츠토토

Meanwhile, Dae-seong Lee took on the role of shooting guard rather than the main ball handler. When he received a pass, he tried to handle the ball as quickly and concisely as possible. When the opposing defense was pressing hard, he would drive the ball directly and cross the halfway line. The offensive instincts such as mid-range jumpers, penetration, and 3-point shots were still there. With a height of 193cm, he was one of the tallest guards, so he easily cooked Japanese guards who were somewhat shorter.

He wasn’t just at the forefront of defense either. When Mikawa operated a 2-3 zone defense, he was also positioned in the back line. Appropriate help defense led to Nagasaki’s turnover, and active rebound participation also stood out. Since there was a matchup scene with Jang Min-guk, it is expected that there will be situations where the opposing team’s forward is blocked even as the season begins.

Jang Min-guk and Lee Dae-seong showed impressive performances in the pre-season Korean derby. If all of them continue to show performances like today, it is expected that they will be able to adapt smoothly to the B.League.

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