Only 45 yellow cards’ rough CB unexpected hobby… “I want to be Beethoven”

  • February 18, 2023

It’s a really unexpected hobby.먹튀검증 Aston Villa centre-back Tyrone Mings, notorious for his tough defense, has recently taken an interest in the piano.

Minx is a defender close to the traditional English style. He pushes the opponent striker based on his tall height of 196 cm, relatively fast main power, and strong physique. He is one of the toughest players in the English Premier League (EPL), where relatively strong defense is tolerated.

As much as he is notorious, he often collects cards. Ming’s received a fair number of yellow cards because he was not shy about punching opponents for his defense. During the 7 seasons in which he played more than 15 league games, he only received 45 warnings and accumulated 2 warnings. However, he is also a fairly clever player, so he doesn’t get sent off as much as football fans think.

There is also a twist charm. While he plays violently on the ground, he boasts a great personality off the pitch. Minx frequently volunteers for the homeless, and last year sponsored a Villa fan’s funeral expenses and held a fundraiser. He also runs a soccer academy named after him.

Here is not the end. Minx’s hobbies are also noble, unlike his defense. it’s the piano In an interview with the UK’s ‘Guardian’ on the 17th (Korean time), he recently said, “I am not Tyrone, a soccer player, but Mings, a piano beginner. I like to do things I know nothing about and step into other people’s world.” He said that he began to develop a taste for playing the piano.

dreams are grand It is Beethoven. “You have to be really good to show off in front of people,” Mings said. “I want to play fluently. I want to hear (from myself) a few songs that I can sing. I’m thinking of taking a classical class too. Beethoven or someone like that. I want to be.” He laughed.

Meanwhile, Mings is firmly defending Villa’s starting position this season. In the last game against Manchester City, he was not included in the list, but he is also contributing to Villa’s rise to 11th place (28 points) by overturning the early sluggishness by gaining the trust of newly appointed coach Unai Emery.

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