Now the coach’s uniform number is gone… 22 permanent numbers, the solution the Yankees found

 The New York Yankees have as many permanent numbers as their long history and shining glory. A total of 22 uniform numbers have been designated as permanent numbers.

All single-digit numbers from number 1 (former coach Billy Martin) to number 9 (Roger Maris) are permanently banned. 2 numbers are shared by 2 people. Number 8 is the joint number of Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey, and number 42 is the uniform number of Mariano Rivera and the symbol of Jackie Robinson, the number that is permanently absent throughout the major leagues. As a result, even inside the club, there are concerns that if things continue like this, a player in the 100th class could come out.

According to the American The Athletic, to solve this problem, the Yankees suggested to the Major League Secretariat that coaching staff not be given uniform numbers.

Yankees Clubhouse Operations Director Lou Kukucha said, “If we assign uniform numbers to coaches, someday there will be people with three-digit numbers.” The Secretariat received opinions on the line of reviewing the possibility first토토사이트.

The reason why the Yankees thought of removing the uniform number of their coaching staff is that many already do not expose their uniforms during games. Head coach Aaron Boone and coaches watch the game from the dugout wearing hoodies and other non-uniform clothing. The same goes for managers and coaches of clubs other than the Yankees.

“Why should the coaching staff have a number if people can’t see it,” Kukucha’s director of operations told The Athletic.

Kukucha said, “(Coaching staff) don’t wear uniforms anymore. Should I wear them on opening day or during the introduction of the players before the postseason? That’s all. Coaches these days are different from the old coaches.” He also spoke with other club equipment managers, and made plans to officially present the idea at this year’s winter meeting.

The Athletic reported, “After talking to 12 managers and coaches, they all responded that it was okay to not have a number.” Boone said, “The players play the game. It’s okay even if I don’t have my number.” San Francisco manager Gabe Kapler said, “I know that (coaching staff) uniform numbers are a long-standing tradition. But baseball belongs to the players. I think they should be able to wear the number they want.”

Meanwhile, the tradition of coaching staff wearing uniforms in baseball began in the early days of the major leagues. In the past, managers and coaches also played as players, so they had to wear uniforms. After that, this tradition continued because the coaching staff came and went.

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