No. 3 Typhoon Kuchol also heading for Tokyo…Japan worries about ‘water bombs’ for second week in a row

Following Typhoon Mawar, Typhoon Kuchol, the third typhoon in the region토토사이트, is now moving north toward Japan. For now, it is not expected to directly affect Korea as it moves south of Japan.

The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) said that Typhoon No. 3, which originated in the waters east of the Philippines on the 6th, is moving at sea around 1040 kilometers northeast of Manila as of 3 a.m. on the 9th. The typhoon is currently measured to have a central pressure of 965 hPa and maximum sustained winds of 37 meters per second (133 kilometers per hour). It is categorized as a “strong” typhoon and is moving at 15 kilometers per hour.

The projected path is expected to reach the sea about 950 kilometers south-southeast of Okinawa, Japan, on the 10th, and then head northeast to the sea about 720 kilometers south of Tokyo on the 13th. On this path, Kuchol will head toward Honshu, Japan, avoiding Taiwan, Okinawa, and the Korean Peninsula. However, by the time it reaches the vicinity of Tokyo, the typhoon’s intensity will have diminished to “moderate,” according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

With both Mawar and Kuchol turning, Japan is at risk of being hit by strong rain and winds for the second week in a row. The last two days or so have already seen record-breaking rainfall in various parts of Japan, with one person killed in Aichi Prefecture and two missing in Wakayama Prefecture. Some lines of bullet trains (Shinkansen) and local trains were suspended, causing inconvenience to citizens.

The Japan Meteorological Association predicts that rain clouds will develop over a wide area from Kyushu to the Honshu Kanto region, including the capital Tokyo, under the influence of “Kuchol,” which will bring rainfall for nine days. It also forecast that 200 millimeters of precipitation could be recorded, as was the case during Mawar’s approach.

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