New York Mets overcome ‘three hurdles’ to trade Verlander, Scherzer?

Could the New York Mets, who are struggling despite having the highest team payroll in baseball history, be forced to trade their two veteran pitchers after giving up on a postseason berth?, the official website of Major League Baseball, reported on Friday that the Mets could trade Justin Verlander, 40, and Max Scherzer, 39.

The New York Mets are 46-53 on the season through 24 games, with a .465 winning percentage, and are in fourth place in the National League East. The gap to the first-place Atlanta Braves is 18.5 games.키톤벳

They are also seven games out of the third wild card spot. The Mets’ chances of making the postseason are slipping away. When to decide whether to forfeit the season.

One of the reasons the Mets didn’t decide to forfeit the season earlier is because they have the highest team payroll in Major League Baseball history at $340 million.

It would be very embarrassing and difficult for a team with the highest payroll in history to decide to forgo the postseason early.

And even if the Mets do decide to trade them, there are challenges. Both Verlander and Scherzer have a no-trade clause.

Therefore, the Mets would have to pick a team that they like to move them to. They’re likely to be very limited in terms of trades.

On top of that, he’s due over $40 million in salary and is still under contract through the 2024 season, making it difficult to trade him without salary relief.

Currently, the San Francisco Giants have reportedly expressed interest in acquiring Verlander. There has been virtually no mention of Scherzer.

The New York Mets went from spending an astronomical amount of money to build a super team to being forced to part with two veteran pitchers on salary relief in less than half a year.

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