New coach big accident… Even the “hateful” criticism

Coach Mike Budenholzer, who안전놀이터 has been leading the Milwaukee Bucks since 2018, received a notice of hardship after the 2023 playoffs.

As the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference, the reason was a shock upset by the No. 8 seed Miami Heat. In particular, the process left me wondering. Criticism continued for not calling a timeout in a tie with 0.5 seconds remaining in the 5th match held on the 27th and blowing away the opportunity to attack himself. It was an incident that had a major impact on his hardship.

Game 4 of the second round of the Eastern Conference held on the 8th. There was a director who made a bigger mistake than this. This season, Boston coach Joe Mazzula, who was in his first year as a manager, did not call the operation time twice in a row in the game, incurring the anger of the fans. It may be consequential responsibility, but it is evaluated that it is somewhat difficult to understand that he made the same mistake not once but twice in a row.

The Boston Celtics lost 115-116 against the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 4 of the 2nd round of the 2023 NBA playoffs held at the Wells Fargo Center on the 8th. The series history is 2-2.

Boston, which was trailing by 16 points at one time, tied the game by leading 24-15 in the fourth quarter. The last attack of the match against 107-107. Manager Majula had two operational timeouts left, but he didn’t call them.

At the time, the court had Malcolm Brogden, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Al Horford and Marcus Smart. In an unorganized offense, the player who caught the ball just before the end was Smart with the weakest 3-point shooting ability among the five players. Smart’s 3-point shot missed the rim, and the match between the two teams went to overtime.

Both teams went into overtime like that. Same situation happened. This time, Boston was behind. The situation was trailing 115-116. Boston secured the last attack with 13 seconds left. As for regular time, two timeouts were secured.

It was another smart to catch the ball right before the end. Smart’s 3-point shot was successful, but it was long after the buzzer sounded. In the end, Boston showed another unorganized attack in the game and suffered a painful defeat.

Criticism continues towards the novice coach who did not use the operation time at all in the game. Smart recorded a 33.6% 3-point shooting percentage in the regular season, and is the lowest level shooter on the Boston team. This is why he left his great shooters alone and attempted two 3-pointers right before the end. Director Majora’s bystander played a part.

Criticism is strong. Magic Johnson, an NBA legend, said, “It was a mistake by manager Mazzula. He criticized that right before the end, he did not show an organized attack.” Reporter Keith Smith also said, “I should have called a timeout as soon as I saw Tatum not attempting an attack,” and reporter Mike Girardi of the Boston area also said, “It is disgusting. He made the same mistake as in regular time.”

Manager Majula is a person who hastily took over as manager in the aftermath of the Ime Udoka scandal ahead of the 2022-2023 regular season. He is doing well in terms of leadership and control of the squad, but in game management, he clearly feels like a novice coach. Boston is an all-powerful team aiming for a championship. It is difficult for a novice director’s trial and error to appear on such an important stage.

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