Movie ‘Moneyball’ club moves forward to move to Las Vegas

The Oakland Athletics club of the US Major League (MLB) is promoting its relocation to Las Base in earnest.

On the 19th (local time), a number of American media outlets reported that “The Athletics purchased a new stadium site in Las Vegas.”

The site of the new stadium located in Las Vegas is approximately 60,000 pyeong (about 200,000 m2), and there is a possibility that about 10,000 pyeong (about 32,375 m2) will be expanded. The new stadium is scheduled to be built at a cost of 1.5 billion dollars (approximately 2 trillion won), and is a retractable dome with a capacity of 30,000 seats.

Dave Cabal, president of Athletics


, interviewed a media outlet saying, “We need to say goodbye to Oakland, which has been a great home for many years, and build a long-term home in Nevada.”

“I hope the A’s are done trying to get out of the Oakland Stadium, which is on the brink of collapse,” MLB President Rob Manfred said. We hope to help the club make the move to Las Vegas and hopefully they can see results by the end of the year.”

The Athletics have spent the past few years building new stadiums. However, when the city of Auckland showed an ambiguous response to the construction of the new stadium, they decided to relocate.

Auckland was disappointed with the club’s decision. Mayor Seng Tao said: “We have continued to provide financial support for the club over the past few years. At a time when negotiations for their stay are underway, the club’s announcement is disrespectful to the city and its fans.”

Meanwhile, the Oakland Athletics is the background of the movie ‘Moneyball’. Billy Bean, the general manager of the role played by Brad Pitt in the play, is currently serving as the club’s executive vice president.

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