‘Motivational love’ Gimcheon Cho Young-wook and Kim Jun-hong “It is meaningful to be convened together”

Gimcheon Sangmu Cho Young-wook and Kim Jun-hong, who were having a joint training, conveyed their feelings and determination.

On the 4th, the Korea Football Association announced the list of the under-22 (U-22) national team for joint training with the Hangzhou Asian Games team in September. In Gimcheon, Asian Games representative Jo Young-wook and U-22 representative Kim Jun-hong were named. This convocation will be held at Paju NFC from the 7th to the 9th.

Cho Young-wook said, “It is meaningful and I am looking forward to going with my comrade Kim Jun-hong. It is a short time of 3 days, but I will do well and have fun,” he said.

Kim Joon-hong said, “I received a lot of congratulations from people around me. Since the national team represents the country, I will go there with pride and show a good performance. I will work hard to be selected as a senior national team in the future.”

At the end of last July, Cho Young-wook had his first domestic training for the Asian Games national team. Cho Young-wook said, “The convocation at the end of July just before was short, but it was a good time to make time and breathe. Even though all the members couldn’t be together, it was a time to remind them of what to do in the national team and the Asian Games.”메이저사이트

Next, Cho Young-wook said, “In this convocation, we will prepare to unite more in terms of organizational power as a team rather than individually. Figuring out what is important to the team is the most important thing. We will try to improve teamwork.”

In contrast to Jo Young-wook, Kim Joon-hong is Hwang Seon-hong’s first choice. The U-23 national team is ahead of the ‘2024 AFC U23 Asian Cup Qualifiers’ at the Changwon Football Center in early September, so for Kim Jun-hong, who played an active role as the main goalkeeper in the U-20 World Cup, this selection is an opportunity for a senior national team.

Kim Jun-hong said, “Even though I only go to training, I think it’s an opportunity to learn a lot from the seniors. Expect a lot. I will do my best to take care of my body in my team and participate in matches regularly so that I can be included in the Asian Cup preliminary list.”

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