Military service problem? religion? Routine?…various questions poured in, as much ‘careful’ player selection

How about military service?”. “Religion?”

All sorts of questions poured in. The will of the coaches to carefully select players was outstanding.

The 26th, the second day of the 2023 Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) Men’s Asian Quarter Tryout. From 10:00 a.m., a medical check of the players and a meeting between the manager and the players were held at the Jeju Sun Hotel.

The players were divided into three groups. Mongolia, Japan and Malaysia players were drawn in Group A, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand were drawn in Group B, and Taiwanese players were drawn in Group C.

The interview was like an ‘interview’. Managers and staff of each club answered their curiosity with various questions, from trivial questions such as volleyball ability or religion, to military service issues and communication.

The players seemed to be doing their토토사이트 best to appeal to themselves.

The things that pricked my ears the most were the ‘military service issue’ and ‘selection of the national team’. There is no limit to the number of contract renewals in the Asia Quarter, which is being implemented for the first time this season. If you agree with the selected player, you can continue to accompany him, so the club may plan for the next several years including that player. It was also a question with the intention of preparing in advance for situations such as being selected for the national team during the season.

One coach even bombarded with questions to a player he liked. When the player answered, he nodded and wrote something down.

The interview room suddenly changed to an English interview room. Korean Air coach Tommy Tillikainen started with the question, “Is there any player who can speak English?” and then asked for an answer in English, “How would you like to help the team?”

As a result, Mongolia’s Bayarsaihan, a leading candidate for the first nomination, showed off his Korean as well as fluent English skills. He even helped translate for a Mongolian player sitting next to him. Eddie was also short, but he appealed himself in English. Coach Tommy asked Eddie, “Which position would you like to win the championship at, outside hitter or apposite spiker?”

Japan’s Takahiko Imamura (outside heater), who was said to be inexperienced in English, answered hard in English with a desire to play in the V-League, even though standing up was not enough, making his interview a sea of ​​laughter.

The interview lasted for about 2 hours, and the heads of the coaches are quickly spinning as they cleared their curiosity about the player they are interested in.

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