Marine Corps executive with ‘gambling addiction’ handed over unit member’s personal information to loan shark

An incumbent Marine Corps executive fell into illegal gambling, so he even borrowed private debt to raise money for gambling. By the way, he handed over the personal information of his colleagues who worked together, saying that he would guarantee his identity, and they answered the phone from the loan company.

Reporter Hong Ji-yong covered the story.


Mr. A, who lives in Pohang, received a phone call from a loan company a few days ago.

His son was discharged from the Marine Corps earlier this year, and an officer of this unit gave his son’s contact information.

[Mr. A/Father of Marine Corps veteran스포츠토토: It is said that there is a financial bond relationship. OOO The sergeant said that he handed over personal information (a unit member) because of a gambling debt. How far (personal information) has been leaked, and I don’t even know the extent of this… ]

Other veterans received similar calls.

[Marine Corps Veteran: I thought it was voice phishing, but since the name of the executive who borrowed the money came out, even the successor names of those still in the military came out. He said that they seem to be hesitating to ask each other and move on, and that (the loan company) felt unfair… ]

Sergeant B, who works in this unit, fell into illegal gambling and borrowed millions of won from various money lending companies when he ran out of money.

During this process, he said that he would guarantee his identity, took pictures of other executives’ group Kakao chat rooms, sent them, and even passed on the contact information of the unit members.

When the controversy arose, Sergeant B contacted the victims of personal information leakage and apologized.

[Mr. B/Sergeant (Victim Call): I couldn’t quit my gambling addiction, and I was in a situation where I had recently opened my hands to loan sharks… ]

The Marine Corps Command revealed that the military police are investigating the facts and managing Sergeant B in connection with the Gambling Healing Center.

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