Man in red pants in ‘horror landing’ video stops shooter from jumping to his death

In connection with the incident where the door of an Asiana flight was opened 213 meters above Daegu, a passenger seated next to the culprit who opened the door reportedly played an active role in the response process.

Lee Yoon-jun (48), the so-called “red pants uncle,” appeared in a video taken on board.

Initially, after the video went viral, Lee was mistaken for the man who opened the door.

However, it turns out that Lee was the unsung hero who was the first to subdue the man who tried to jump out of the plane, preventing any casualties.

On the 26th, a video of the “horrifying landing” went viral on various online communities.

Lee Yoon-jun, known as “Uncle Red Pants,” looks worried on an Asiana Airlines plane with an open door during a flight on Sept. 26. Online community capture

In the video, Lee, seated in a seat next to the door, looks worried as a strong wind blows through his body.

Lee’s hair, facial skin, and clothes flutter wildly throughout the video.

Despite this, when she makes eye contact with the passenger next to her, who is also in the same situation, she relaxes her frown and shrugs her eyebrows.

“The day before my birthday almost turned into a sacrificial day,” Lee told Yonhap News Agency about the incident.

Lee, who is the executive vice chairman of the Jeju headquarters of the National Federation for Public Safety and Disaster Prevention, an affiliate of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, had traveled to Jeju Island for safety training on the day of the incident and was on his way back to Daegu, the frontline of the conflict, a day before his birthday.

“Suddenly, my hat and headset flew off, and when I looked up, the door was open, and I could feel him (the shooter) smiling at me,” Lee said.

“I was looking at the pictures on my phone, so I didn’t see him actually open the door, but I thought he was in a very bad condition from the beginning of the flight,” he said.

“During the flight, he kept making eye contact with me and looking around,” Lee said. “When we got to Daegu Airport, the door opened (in mid-air) and he (who was sitting next to me) was smiling at me, but he had a creepy look on his face that scared me,” Lee said.

In the next few seconds, the wheels of the plane touched down on the runway, and Lee heard a “pop” and the sound of a belt being unbuckled.

The attacker unbuckled his seatbelt and stood up. He then looked back to see his assailant hanging from the wall next to the open door.

Lee and the flight attendant yelled, “Help!” and Lee reached out with his left arm and grabbed the man by the scruff of the neck, subduing him토토사이트.

He couldn’t stand up because he was wearing his seatbelt, but he struggled to get his hands around the attacker’s neck with both hands.

After a few seconds of struggling, three or four flight attendants came to her aid, followed by passengers.

An interior view of an Asiana flight with the door open during flight. Author provided, Yonhap News Agency

They dragged the man to an aisle inside the plane.

The plane was still running down the runway after landing.

“At the time, no one really saw the door open, so we didn’t think it was him, and we thought he was scared and trying to jump out,” Lee said. “The elementary school students sitting behind us were crying, it was panic,” he said.

“I didn’t realize it was such a big accident, and when I returned to Daegu and spent a day there, I was heartbroken to see so many bad words about the crew on the Internet,” he said. “It was thanks to the crew who organized the situation that no further accidents occurred.”

“Especially the flight attendant who kept signing to me with his eyes, he acted calmly until the end,” he said, emphasizing that “the people who were suppressing the criminal during the landing process could have jumped out, but they did a really safe job.”

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