Lotte Yoon Seong-bin, left hamstring rupture injury bad news… “We need to look at the recovery trend”

Lotte right-handed pitcher Yoon Seong-bin (24) had the misfortune to injure his left hamstring.

On the 4th, Lotte said, “As a result of a detailed examination, Yoon Seong-bin was diagnosed with a second-degree hamstring tear in the biceps femoris.”먹튀검증

According to the club, Yoon Seong-bin received recovery injection treatment on the same day and is scheduled to enter the second treatment on the 10th. He plans to rest at his home for the next two weeks, monitor his recovery progress, and set up a treatment and rehabilitation schedule.

Yoon Seong-bin took the mound in a practice game against Hanhwa held in Okinawa, Japan on the 2nd and played 0.2 innings before being knocked out after complaining of pain. He returned home immediately, had a checkup, and was diagnosed with a hamstring tear.

Yoon Seong-bin, the 1st draft pick in 2017, is an ‘unfinished standby’ that has not blossomed yet. Until last season, he played in 20 games for the first team and recorded 2 wins and 6 losses with an average ERA of 6.75.

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