Losing three daughters in their 20s at once in the Sampoong Department Store disaster, the scholarship foundation… Attorney Gwangjin Jeong dies

Attorney Jeong Gwang-jin (Chairman of the Samyoon Scholarship Foundation), who lost his three daughters in their 20s at once in the collapse of the Sampoong Department Store in 1995, passed away on the afternoon of the 19th at the age of 85.

According to the Samyun Scholarship Foundation, after graduating from Seoul National University’s School of Law, the deceased passed the first bar exam in 1963 and served as a judge for 13 years before opening a practice as a lawyer in 1978.

It was because of his eldest daughter Jeong Yoon-min (29 years old at the time of her death in 1995), who suffered from visual impairment, that he quit the life of a judge, which he thought was his vocation.

At the age of 5, Min Yun lost sight in one of his eyes due to a disease that caused blood vessels in the back of the retina of his eye, and at the age of 12 he lost sight in both of his eyes.

The deceased quit his job as a judge and opened his own practice to restore his eldest daughter’s eyesight.

Despite the efforts of his family, Min Yoon could not regain his sight, but in 1988, he went to Berkeley University to study abroad and received a master’s degree.

Just 9 months into his life as a teacher. During the Sampoong department store collapse on June 29, 1995, Min Yoon suffered a catastrophe along with his second younger brother Yoo Jeong (28 years old in 1995) and third younger brother Yoon Kyung (25 years old at the time). He went to buy necessities for the house and never returned.

The heartbreaking heart of the deceased who lost three daughters at once led to the establishment of a scholarship foundation. The foundation was named Samyun Scholarship Foundation after the names of the three daughters.

He established the ‘Samyun Scholarship Foundation’ with 700 million won in compensation for his three daughters plus his personal assets, and donated it to his eldest daughter’s alma mater and first workplace, the Seoul School for the Blind.

At the time, the deceased revealed the purpose of establishing the scholarship foundation, saying, “I have seen an exceptionally large number토스카지노 of blind students who are experiencing financial difficulties. The Samyun Scholarship Foundation especially wants to help them.”

At the time, Lawyer Jeong’s wife, Lee Jung-hee, explained, “It is for our couple to replace Yoon Min-i’s unfulfilled dream of becoming a light to the blind.”

On November 5, 1996, the Seoul School for the Blind unveiled a monument to the establishment of the foundation on the campus, and at the time, President Kim Young-sam said to Attorney Chung, “The noble love that Attorney Jeong gave is not only to realize the unfinished dream of his three daughters, but also to create darkness for young blind students.” It will forever remain as the ‘light of hope’ that illuminates the world.”

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