‘London Olympic Gold’ Kim Jae-bum appointed as new coach for Korean Racing Association’s judo team

 London Olympics gold medalist and Judo Grand Slam hero Kim Jae-bum was appointed as the new director of the Judo Team of the Korea Racing Association 안전놀이터(Chairman Jeong Ki-hwan) on the 22nd. 

Coach Jae-beom Kim received a letter of appointment from Jeong Ki-hwan, president of the Korea Racing Association, and pledged to do his best as a new coach. 

Coach Kim has been active as a player and coach for over 15 years in the Korean Racing Association Judo Team since 2007. During his playing career, he started with second place at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, first place at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, first place at the Tokyo World Championships, and first place at the Paris World Championships. In particular, he became the youngest judo grand slam title by winning a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

Judo Grand Slam refers to winning all four major competitions, the Olympic Games, World Championships, Asian Games, and Asian Championships. It was when he was 27 years old.

Based on such a brilliant athlete career, coach Kim turned to a leader from 2017 and led the Judo Team of the Horse Association. As a judo team coach, he focused on cultivating excellent juniors and helped produce gold medalists in various international stages such as the Asian Games, Paris Grand Slam, and Masters.

Not long ago, the Korea Racing Association’s judo team led by coach Kim during his acting career won two gold medals and two silver medals at the Suncheon Bay National Garden Cup national judo competition. Accordingly, Lee Ha-rim (-60kg), Han Ju-yeop (-90kg), and Kim Jae-yoon (-100kg) were selected for the Doha World Championships in May, and Lee Ha-rim (-60kg) and Han Ju-yeop (-90kg) were selected for the individual event at the Hangzhou Asian Games in September. ) And in the team event, three Lee Seong-ho (-90kg) were selected.

“I think it is a great honor to be the head coach of the Korean Racing Association, and I am grateful to all executives and staff members and Chairman Jung Ki-hwan,” said Jaebeom Kim, head coach of the Korean Racing Association. Based on the youngest grand slam achieved, I will pass on everything I have as a leader to my juniors and achieve a grand slam as a leader.”

In addition, he added, “I will try to make a little more change while thinking about communication with the players, and I will always try not to lose my original intention and humility with a low attitude.

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