Lim Seong-min of Gyeongmin High School, Spring Judo Men’s High School 100kg ‘Champion of Tears’

Lim Seong-min of Gyeongmin High School in Uijeongbu won the gold medal of tears in the 51st Spring National Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Judo Federation Men’s and High School Men’s 100kg class fighting spirit for injury.

On the 5th day of the competition held at Mungyeong Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeongbuk on the 29th, Lim Seong-min escaped from the long rehabilitation tunnel by beating Kang Jae-hoon (Pohang Dongji High School) in a bout in the Namgobu 100kg finals.

Lim Seong-min, who underwent a 10-month rehabilitation period after undergoing surgery due to a complete rupture of ligaments in her right elbow at this event last year, won a thrilling gold medal at the Suni event again after a year. In particular, she displayed a fighting spirit to win even after receiving 12 stitches from a tear in her eye area during training on the 5th day before the competition.

Coach Hwang Bo-bae of Gyeongmin High School said, 토토사이트“(Lim) Seong-min lost an entire season due to an unexpected injury last year, and I thought about giving up sports during the difficult rehabilitation process.” The results of training show up, and I feel very rewarding as a leader. I’m really proud of it and I’m proud of it.”

Previously, Lim Seong-min beat Yoo Hyeon-jun (Daejeon High School) in the round of 64 with a single leg, Tae-wook Jang (Woo Seok-go) in the round of 32 with a field leg, and then defeated Park Jong-chan (Bibong High), the winner of the Suncheon Bay Cup, in the round of 16, in half the thigh-crossing. went on to make it to the finals.

In addition, Moon Ga-bin in the 45kg class and Son Chae-young in the 57kg class (above Namyangju Geumgok High School) won a round of back-and-forth walking against Park So-mi (Seoul Gwangyeong Girls’ High School) and Park Ji-yoon (Gwangju Physical High School), respectively, and held the hegemony side by side in the finals. This is the first time that a female athlete has won the two-weight division at Geumgok High School, a prestigious male judo school.

Previously, Moon Ga-bin defeated Cho Soo-bin (Seoul Physical Education High School) in one round by combining half of the uplift and half of the press to reach the final, and Son Chae-young won the coaching victory over Seul-gi Kwon (Gumi Dogae High School) to advance to the final.

On the other hand, men’s +100kg class Baek Jong-woo and 73kg class Kim Yong-min (above Kyungmin High School) defeated Kim Seong-hun (Daegu Gyeseong High School) and Shin Woo-jin (Seoul Boseong High School) in the finals, respectively, with a round of back kicks, half of single-handed fishing, and half of pressing. accompanied

In addition, Hyebin Lee (Kyungmin High School) in the +78kg class for girls’ high school, Seongmin Lim and Hyebin Lee in the unrestricted class for men and women, and Yujin Lee (Gyeonggi Physical Education High School) in the 48kg class for girls also finished runner-up.

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