Lightspeed sidearm’ that even ML said went, why did I become an ordinary pitcher 

He said that he is a talent that can go to the major leagues, but why is he degenerating into an ordinary pitcher this season?

LG Twins ‘light speed sidearm’ Jung Woo-young collapsed again. It’s already the 4th loss. His ERA soared to 6.00. What’s going on?

Jung Woo-young provided an excuse for the team’s shocking come-from-behind defeat against Kiwoom Heroes held at Jamsil Stadium on the 10th. LG took a 1-0 lead through the 6th inning thanks to good pitching by starter Kim Yun-sik, but collapsed completely in the 7th inning with an unbelievable 9 runs. 8th inning 2 more runs and 1-11 rout.

The problem is that Jung Woo-young, who believed in the 7th inning, was shaken and became the cause of a large number of runs. Jung Woo-young hurriedly climbed the mound when Yun-sik Kim got a triple from lead batter Russell. Lee Hyeong-jong was treated as a shortstop ground ball and the runner on third base was tied up. However, giving up a walk in the match against Park Chan-hyuk made Jung Woo-young lose his strength. He gave Park Chan-hyeok an 8 two-seam fight, but no decision was made, and he chose the curve of the conversion of the last ninth pitch, and that was the ball.

As the power of the fastball declined, hitters were not fooled by the breaking ball. Lim Byeong-wook, who appeared next, also picked out a forkball and curveball in succession in a ball count 2S unfavorable situation. Then, Jung Woo-young was rather shaken, and in a full count match, Lim Byeong-wook gave up a 2-RBI sweeping double. In the end, Jung Woo-young had to come down the mound after giving up a left-handed hit to No. 7 Kim Hui-jip. I didn’t have the strength to hold out any longer. Yoo Young-chan, who pitched in for relief, was beaten, and eventually Jung Woo-young became a losing pitcher with 3 runs in ⅓ innings.

Jung Woo-young, who joined LG in 2019, has been active as the core of the bullpen since his rookie season. He is a side arm, and his fastball, which goes well over 150km, was a great weapon. He wasn’t just fast, but powerful, and the batters didn’t have the ability to touch him because he flew in messily. It was a magic that I didn’t even know. He won Rookie of the Year and won the hold title last season with 35 holds, and was growing rapidly. He heard that it was possible to challenge the major leagues, and there was news that Japanese professional baseball teams were seriously checking Jung Woo-young. In the midst of that activity, he also boarded the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team earlier this year.

But what is this? The performance this season is unbelievable. He has 6 holds, but his ERA of 6.00 in 4 losses is staggering. What is going on?

Once the pitch has dropped significantly. As mentioned above, Jung Woo-young’s weapon is a fast ball in the late 150km range. But he can’t go over 150km this year. On this day, even before Kiwoom, his highest speed was only 149 km. Although 149km is by no means slow, Jung Woo-young is actually a ‘one-pitch’ pitcher who competes with one two-seam. When the power of the fastball decreases, it becomes much easier for batters to respond.

Why did the pitch decrease? First of all, we can doubt the ‘Curse of the WBC’. Young pitchers who attended the WBC earlier this year are in a collective slump as if they had made a promise. Kim Yun-sik, who started as a starter that day토토사이트, also took a long break because he couldn’t build his body properly.

It may be that we are facing a period of power loss here. Over the past four years, he has played in numerous matches as a key winning team. Even so, in a situation where fatigue is accumulating, he is unable to properly prepare for the season, so he has no choice but to exert himself.

The slow slide step allows a lot of stolen bases, and trying to fix it may have led to a decrease in velocity. The addition of pitches should also be questioned. Jung Woo-young honed his four-seam fastball and changeup ahead of this season. Many pitchers have shown examples of not throwing the original pitch properly while polishing a new pitch.

There may also be psychological problems. Jung Woo-young has to go to the Asian Games in Hangzhou, which will be held this year. He is the only way to get legal military service benefits. There is also an analysis that players who are conscious of the Asian Games are not able to show their skills under the pressure to do too well. If it’s Jung Woo-young’s career, it might be strange that he won’t be selected, but if his grades this year aren’t too good, he can’t guarantee selection.

KBS N Sports commentator Park Yong-taek, a former LG legend who knows Jung Woo-young better than anyone else, presented an interesting opinion. The dropped pitch is also a problem, but the opponent batters can now see Jung Woo-young’s style and deal with it. If you look at the actual hit situation of Kim Hwi-jip, Kim Hwi-jip releases the bat from his hand and copes with the two-heartedness that curves toward his body. It was a slightly eaten ball, but it became a left-handed hit with a quick response.

Commissioner Park diagnosed, “If it was like before, it would be a ball that would fit the handle of the bat, but batters are gradually adapting to Jung Woo-young’s ball, which is in fact a ‘one pitch’ pitcher.”

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