Lee Kwan-hee, who is strong in SK, “I want to be compensated for my hard work”

I am not nervous or worried because it is the playoffs. I want to be rewarded for the hard work the coach and players have prepared during the offseason토토사이트.”

The semi-final playoff between Changwon LG and Seoul SK begins. Both teams recorded a record of 36 wins and 18 losses in the regular league, achieving a tie, and the opponent’s record was also the same at 3 wins and 3 losses. LG was 2nd and 3rd, with a 5-point lead in the difference in gains and losses, and the joys and sorrows were mixed.

In the regular league match against SK, the player who stood out the most was Lee Kwan-hee. Lee Kwan-hee played an average of 27 minutes and 37 seconds in 6 games with SK, recording 17.0 points, 3.2 rebounds, 3.0 assists and 1.5 steals. If it is limited to facing SK, he is the player who scored the most points in LG.

After afternoon training at Changwon Gymnasium on the 13th, Lee Kwan-hee was asked if he had prepared well for the playoffs in the quarterfinals. I finished (the 6th round playoff with KCC) too quickly. That’s why I’m out of energy,” he said. “I cheered for KCC for the first time, but SK won deliciously (with 3 consecutive wins) and came up, so I have to be nervous.”

LG recruited Reggie Perry to replace the injured Assem Marey. SK is also in trouble because they have to deal with a player they have never faced before, but LG is also going to playoffs in the quarterfinals by matching hands and feet with Perry instead of Marey, the pillar of the team. Lee Kwan-hee was worried about Perry’s physical condition after the practice game against Korea University on the 8th.

Lee Kwan-hee said, “I am still worried (laughs). There are days when Perry works hard, and there are days when he doesn’t work hard. I can’t get it,” he said. “I’m worried about how to appease and lead him. The director must be worried too.”

Perry shows better and better skills than in the practice game on the first day with Korea University.

Lee Kwan-hee said, “I did get better. I think it won’t be that much,” he said. Since I am a young player, I plan to say that I did well in the first half whether the shot goes in or not, and if it still doesn’t go well, I have to scold myself a bit (laughs).”

When Lee Kwan-hee said that he had the best performance in the head-to-head match with SK, he said, “SK has a defender, but to me he is a mannequin.” Since my Samsung days, I have done well in matches with SK. I am confident in the game against SK, so I plan to have fun tomorrow.”

Could it be that Lee Kwan-hee took advantage of SK’s defense as it focused on Lee Jae-do and Marey?

With a laugh, Lee Gwan-hee said, “Lee Jae-do has not benefited from a game this season either.” (SK) It’s a team that plays basketball with speed and fun, but it seems to be fun with SK because I face off with my favorite speed.”

Lee Kwan-hee recorded a 3-point success rate of 45.5% (20/44) against SK. It is similar to the 2-point shooting success rate of 46.3% (19/41). It is more than 10% higher than Lee Kwan-hee’s 3-point shooting success rate this season of 34.0% (102/300).

Lee Kwan-hee said, “SK’s best shooter is Heo Il-yeong, but LG’s best shooter is me. You can’t lose in a shooter match, and I know that SK’s good defenders play a denial defense where they can’t catch the ball, but I didn’t feel much difficulty, and Choi Seong-won and Oh Jae-hyun weren’t tall, so I didn’t feel much pressure when shooting.” .

Lee Kwan-hee not only scored a lot in the match against SK, but also recorded an average of 3 assists, the most in each opponent’s record.

Lee Kwan-hee said, “When I played with SK, my playing time was longer than I was strong. Of course, I must have had a lot of playing time because I did well, but I scored and assisted because I played long,” he said.

In the regular league match against SK, LG lost all at home and won all away. We have to break this strange jinx to play the first and second games at home.

Lee Kwan-hee said, “As a result of analyzing the regular league, there was a difficult part in terms of stamina because it was a series of games in the last round of the 6th round (with SK) due to the schedule. There were two unfavorable games in each home game due to the schedule,” he said.

Lee Kwan-hee said, “I am not nervous or worried because it is the playoffs. I want to be compensated for what the coach and players have worked hard to prepare during the offseason,” he said. “Changwon fans must have been waiting for the playoffs for a long time. No matter what game I play against SK in the quarterfinals, I will play the game so that I can feel that I did my best and reap the meaning. Of course, if there was Marey, I would prepare for the match against Anyang (KGC Ginseng Corporation), but even if there were many concerns, I put my condition at the best so that I could play the semi-final playoff without regret.”

On the 14th, at 7:00 pm, LG will play the first leg of the playoff against SK at the Changwon Gymnasium.

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