Lee Dong-jun on offense, Jung Tae-wook on defense… A notice of new faces that make you smile

  • February 22, 2023

 Lee Dong-Jun on offense, Tae-Wook Jung on defense. They are the ‘new faces’ of Jeonbuk Hyundai, who are expected to be active in the new season.메이저사이트

Jeonbuk made drastic changes to their squad through the winter transfer market. In particular, a large number of young and young players were recruited to focus on the generational change.

Among the transferees, Jeonbuk coach Sang-sik Kim is looking forward to Lee Dong-jun the most. Lee Dong-jun is a winger with explosive speed, reckless breakthrough, and good assist ability. Expectations were high that he would add vitality to the team’s offense as he also possesses the ability to score goals. In fact, throughout the winter training, Lee Dong-jun looked threatening. Through the training period in Spain, coach Kim confirmed the true value of Lee Dong-jun and came to have a sense of anticipation. Above all, since winger Barrow has transferred, Lee Dong-jun’s performance is absolutely necessary.

Coach Kim said, “I’m sure it’s really good after training. He is helpful to the team,” he said, expressing anticipation.

Coincidentally, Lee Dong-jun will face his former team, Ulsan Hyundai, in the opening match of this season. Last season, Jeonbuk handed over the K League 1 championship trophy to Ulsan. To recapture the title, the first step is important. Lee Dong-jun is highly likely to make his Jeonbuk debut match against his home team.

On the defense side, Jeong Tae-wook is the player who catches the attention of coach Kim. Jeong Tae-wook, who came over from Daegu FC, is a tall center back with a height of 194 cm and a defender with rich experience in the K-League. Last season, Jeonbuk showed weakness on the defensive side. Park Jin-seop, who was originally a midfielder, changed his position and played well enough to even receive the best 11, but Hong Jeong-ho’s injury exposed his anxiety. With Jung Tae-wook joining, Jeonbuk has been able to build a variety of defensive compositions.

Director Kim also said, “Jung Tae-wook seems to be tactically useful in three-back and four-back. He will protect Hong Jeong-ho and Jeonbuk’s goal.”

The two players were born in 1997 and are in their mid-twenties. These are resources that can be the core of Jeonbuk in the long run. If you start well this year, the debut season, you can settle down as an indispensable pillar in Jeonbuk.

In addition to them, foreign players Jun Amano, Andre Lewis, and Rafael Silva are new faces that will add vitality to the offense. Among the existing players, Song Min-gyu is known to be in good condition.

Coach Kim said, “There are many players who have shown good performances in training. I am looking forward to it,” he said, optimistic about the new season.

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