Laporte: “If Arsenal slipped… let’s win”

Emric Laporte (Manchester City) 토토사이트revealed that he hopes that Arsenal, which is competing for the title, will drop.

Currently, the competition to win the English Premier League (EPL) is held in two matches. Arsenal (74 points, 23 wins, 5 draws, 3 losses) is closely followed by Man City (70 points, 22 wins, 4 draws, 4 losses). Arsenal have 7 games left, Man City 8 games left. That’s why the fight that unfolds on the 27th (Korean time) is important. Man City invites Arsenal at their home stadium, the Etihad Stadium. If Man City wins, a double electrode in the ranking competition at the end of the season may be made.

Laporte told Manchester City club media: “The most important thing is to play consistently. We can do that. Mikel Arteta has been at our club, so he knows our style of play. He is also a fantastic manager.” .

Laporte continued, “I like the fact that we are competing for the championship with Arsenal. But I hope that Arsenal will meet us and slide off. I hope we can win the championship.”

Meanwhile, Laporte is likely to leave Manchester City at the end of this season. Spain’s ‘As’ and others reported that Laporte’s number of appearances had plummeted. Laporte, who played 44 games last season as Manchester City’s main defender, was completely excluded from Pep Guardiola’s plan this season. He stayed on for 17 appearances in all competitions combined.

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