Korean judo ‘Hope’ Lee Jun-hwan wins valuable silver in the 81kg World Championships

Korean judo’s ‘hope’ Lee Jun-hwan 카지노사이트(Yongin University), produced by Gyeonggi-do, won the bronze medal at the World Championships for the first time in his life.

On the 11th (Korean time), on the 4th day of the competition held at the ABHA Arena in Doha, Qatar, Lee Jun-hwan defeated Gautier François (Canada) in 1 minute and 25 seconds in the men’s 81kg class bronze medal match at the 2023 International Judo Federation (IJF) World Judo Championships. He beat him in one round and won a valuable bronze medal.

In the first round of the day, Lee Jun-hwan won Askerby Gerbekov (Brunei) with half of the and-leg hook followed by half of the sleeve-up, and then Mohamed Levahi (Qatar) in the second round by adding half of the back kick and half of the hug. conquered with one blow.

Then, in the round of 16, he defeated Alpha Omar Jalo (France) with half an arm-up, and in the quarterfinals, he defeated Takanori Nagase (Japan), a gold medalist at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, in the quarterfinals with half of his field leg at the end of an extended match. It is the second time that Lee Jun-hwan defeated Nagase after winning half of the Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam last year.

However, Lee Jun-hwan was defeated in the semi-finals by giving away half of the hug and half of the hamstring spin to World No. 1 Tato Grigalashvili (Georgia), whom he defeated in a single round at the Tbilisi Grand Slam last year, and was pushed back to the bronze medal match.

On the other hand, Lee Jun-hwan, who is attending Yongin University after going through Ansan Gwansan Middle School and Kyungmin High School, announced the appearance of a ‘morning star’ by winning the first international competitions, Tbilisi Grand Slam and Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam, one after another after wearing the Taegeuk mark in March of last year.

Then, after reaching the top at the Portuguese Grand Prix in January this year, he won the bronze medal at the most prestigious world championship, adding 1,000 ranking points, and is expected to rise from the current 9th place to the top of the rankings.

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