Kim Min-seon 7, who revealed his ‘super rookie’ potential, “I want to be called ‘Seven’ on the LPGA”

I, Kim Min-seon, are also in the Rookie of the Year competition.”

Kim Min-seon 7 (20) was a rookie who drew attention ahead of the 2023 Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour. A former member of the national team, he placed first in the KLPGA 1st Associate Member Selection Match in March last year. Then, in April, he reached the top in the first round of the Jump Tour, where he participated for the first time, and succeeded in becoming a full member by ranking first in the prize money rankings. Last year, he won the runner-up in the Q Capital Partners Wangjungwang Match, the final match of the Dream Tour, and even won a full seed on the KLPGA regular tour this season. It took less than a year for him to go from an associate member to a regular tour.

Kim Min-seon 7, who is a long hitter with an average distance of 260 yards (approximately 238 m) at a height of 177 cm, was called a “super rookie” along with Hwang Yu-min and Kim Min-byeol for his exciting game style.

However, he fell short of expectations at the beginning of the season. Starting with the opening match in Korea, the Lotte Rent-A-Car Women’s Open, he was eliminated or withdrawn from the cut in four consecutive tournaments. He competed in 17 tournaments before the Doosan Engineering & Construction Weave Championship, but passed the cut only 7 times. A tie for 7th at the E1 Charity Open in May was his best result all season. Kim Min-seon calmly evaluated, “Unlike the 2nd tour, the green speed is fast and I play on a different course every week, so it was difficult to adapt at the beginning because there were many new things.”

After analysis and effort, Kim Min-sun won the first runner-up in her life at the Doosan Engineering & Construction We’ve Championship. Unfortunately, he missed the championship after an extra game, but he finally proved his name. He confessed, “Actually, I got a lot of stimulation from watching the performance of my friends who played for the national team together.” He continued, “I originally had a weak putt, but after the Jeju Samdasoo Masters, I increased the proportion of putt practice.”

Kim Min-seon first encountered golf at the age of nine when he went to a driving range with his mother. The following year, he learned golf in his after-school activities in elementary school and walked the path of a golfer in earnest. Kim Min-seon said, “I started golf for the first time because I liked the ball going far.” “At the time, I played with the mindset of wanting to cross the line 40 meters in front of me, but I felt a sense of joy every time the ball went over the target,” he said.스포츠토토

Kim Min-sun’s registered name ‘Kim Min-sun 7’ contains his goal and dream. In the KLPGA tour, if the name is the same, a number is put after the name according to the order of admission. In order, he had to put 6 after Kim Min-sun 5 (renamed Kim Si-won), but the reason he changed the number to 7 is because of his dream of one day playing on the world’s best stage, the LPGA Tour. Lee Jung-eun 6, who is active on the LPGA tour, was called ‘Hot Six’ or ‘Six’, so ‘7’ was chosen to avoid overlapping titles. Kim Min-sun laughed, saying, “I want to not fall behind in the Rookie of the Year competition until the end of the season.”

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