Although he unfortunately did not win the championship, Kim Jae-hyeon (Bolgas Motorsport), who played a fair game until the end, was selected as the ‘Driver of the Year’.

Kim Jae-hyun received full support from the media, certified competition judges, and fans at the motor sports awards ceremony ‘KARA Prize Giving 2022’, which summarizes this year held at the Grand Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul on the 15th, and won the second prize of the year in history. became a driver

Kim Jae-hyun finished second in the Samsung Fire & Marine 6000 class of the ‘CJ Korea Express Super Race Championship’ this season. In the final 8th round, he crossed the finish line in 1st place, dramatically overtaking Kim Jong-gyeom (Atras BX) in driver points, and was about to become the champ. There was only

Since racing is also a team sport, even if there was no choice but to make a nominal champion of ‘team order’ and strategy, praise and comfort for Kim Jae-hyun, who played a great game until the end even in the difficult situation of a non-corporate team, could not help but pour in, and this was the award ceremony. It also led to results. Kim Jae-hyun became the driver of the year for the second time after 2014, and became the first driver ever to win this award without a championship title. 스포츠토토

Kim Jae-hyun, who could not predict the award, said, “I think this is an award given by fans, media, and motor sports officials, and I will try to run more joyfully, fun, passionately, and fiercely next season.”

Atlas BX, which produced champions, was selected as the ‘Racing Team of the Year’ instead, appeasing the disappointment. The ‘Female Driver of the Year Award’ was Park Seong-yeon (Euro Motorsport), who took first place in the Super Race Sports Prototype Cup Korea season, and the ‘Record of the Year Award’ was Park Dong-seop (e-Racing X Vitesse) who participated in 100 individual races. And the ‘Circuit of the Year Award’ went to Inje Speedium, which received the most favorable reviews in the association’s vote.

Kang Shin-ho, head of the Korea Automobile Racing Association, who held the awards ceremony that day, said, “In 2022, the average number of spectators per Super Race reached 14,000, and the motor sports consumption population also reached 17.48 million. We will focus on key projects to develop Korea’s motorsports, such as strengthening events and establishing an official culture.”