K-League 1 Gangwon, natural enemy Ulsan weekend clash… Shall we break the dark history of 11 years without a win?

The K-League 1, which succeeded in attracting the largest number of spectators for its opening game ever, continues to be a box office sensation this weekend.

Fans’ interest is whether Gangwon will defeat Ulsan, which has never won in the past 11 years.


Ulsan and Gangwon are representative of the K-League.

Since May 2012, Ulsan and Gangwon’s opponent record has been 23 matches, 19 wins and 4 draws, and Ulsan has never lost to Gangwon for 11 years.

Gangwon coach Choi Yong-soo, whose pride was hurt by losing the previous season, is looking forward to his first confrontation with Ulsan this season.

<Choi Yong-soo / Manager of Gangwon FC> “(Victory against Ulsan) is one of my new goals, and 4 losses out of 4 matches is a jinx I cannot accept. We want to catch Ulsan…”

Gangwon has a chance of winning only when Kim Dae-won and Yang Hyeon-joon, who were silent in the opening match, both wings are active.

Ulsan is determined to show its strong side against Gangwon by putting up an ultra-luxurious attacking team such as Joo Min-gyu and Bako along with Eom Won-sang, who scored a goal against Jeonbuk.

On the same day, Jeonbuk, who declared that they would never lose at home, will face off against Suwon Samsung in front of home fans.

Jeonbuk, who lost to Ulsan in the opening game, desperately needs a shot from top scorer Cho Kyu-seong to win the season.

However, the bad news is that Lee Dong-jun, who will open a way out to the side, has been away for about a month due to a hamstring injury.

Gwangju and Daejeon, which jointly won the first win in K-League 1 history after being promoted to Division 1, will also challenge the opening winning streak of a promoted team in 5 years since Gyeongnam in the 2018 season.

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